The Little Big Sister’s New Book

Fresh from her success in selling a book to the People’s Choice (?) little big sister releases the next blockbuster:

Three Hundred Bridesmaids: a romantic comedy novella Kindle Edition
by Jenny Worstall (Author)

The opening scene of ‘Three Hundred Bridesmaids’ takes place on a remote Dorset hilltop in the middle of the blazing hot heatwave of 1976.
We travel back to 1975 and follow Rosie Peach as she starts her first job as a music teacher at Shaston Convent School. It is not long before she falls for the dashing David Hart, but he is haunted by his dark and troubled past and unable to give her the love she craves.
Rosie’s friend and colleague, Grace Browning, cautions Rosie against David as a suitable partner, but what exactly are her motives and who is she intent on pursuing?
The situation is complicated by the arrival of Tristan Proudfoot, a conductor, who has romantic designs of his own.

….Actually, this is the novel that was published as a People’s Friend.

Just as background, little big sis went, along with big big sis, to Shaftesbury Convent…..upon leaving which her best friend went out for some years with a bloke called Tristan. Write about what you know and all that. Little big sis is a music teacher…..

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  1. ” Write about what you know and all that.”

    I’m tempted… But I could probably get more money for not writing about what I know. Cash, as well.

  2. “bloke in spain

    “…but he is haunted by his dark and troubled past…”

    Who isn’t?”

    Generally it’s other people who are haunted by my dark and troubled past.

  3. “…but he is haunted by his dark and troubled past…”

    Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell?

    Let me whisper in your ear.’ Secrecy is what is needed.

    And not only in matters of the heart but when it comes to GCSE performance

    The Blob now wants to ensure that what is widely known in the teaching profession about the validity of GCSE results stays in the teaching profession and does not reach pupils or parents or the general public.

    The Times has reported that ministers are being urged to scrap the so-called ‘EBacc’ or English Baccalaureate, introduced by Michael Gove a few years ago when he was education secretary. It provides a measure of school performance based on how many pupils gain ‘good passes’ in five key subjects – English, maths, a science, a foreign language and either history or geography.

    The Blob would like to see EBacc information given protected status. They want performance in the key EBacc subjects to be made a national secret. Teachers, should, perhaps, be required to sign the Official Secrets Act.

    So what is there to hide? Let me spill the beans for those in the dark, whilst it is still legal to so do and whilst the data remains in the public domain. The Times has already lifted the lid. Currently, 76 per cent of pupils fail to achieve a ‘good pass’ in the EBacc.

    And what mark does a ‘good pass’ require? For maths in 2017 it was a score of 15 per cent and, last year, 20 per cent. Achieving an EBacc is not a great academic achievement. It is the standard mostly surpassed by primary school pupils in Singapore, Shanghai, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on.

    Am I exaggerating? Almost certainly not! If anything I am under-estimating the seriousness of the problem of educational performance in our schools. Keeping it a secret is not going to help. The government must resist calls from the Blob to scrap EBacc. We already have far too much window dressing when it comes to public examination results.

    Hiding & denying truth undermines Gov’t respect, democracy, accountability and believing what they say. Far better to be truthful and ashamed than to be secretive and celebratory.

  4. Sounds like she pinched the plot of a Thomas Hardy novel and fitted it to her circumstances. Good for her; hope it sells well.

  5. “…but she is haunted by her dark and troubled past…”

    Liddle v Maitlis in the [woke PC] Leftie lions’ den
    “…David Aaronovitch tweeted on Monday that he had said ‘forget it’ when asked by the BBC to appear alongside Liddle on that evening’s Newsnight – a revelation which prompted MeToo! from the Guardian’s gruesome twosome of Polly Toynbee and Owen Jones…”

    Too scared is their reason as they knew they could not defeat a fellow Leftie who is truthful.

    What a travesty . Disgusting treatment by the heavily biased BBC which we are forced to pay an extortionate fee to, in order to get live television. Rod Liddle tries to soften hard truths with a little humour, but even that isn’t palatable to a poe-faced BBC who have to assassinate the characters of anyone right of centre, or who speaks for the masses who pay their ridiculous wages.

    She just doesn’t realise what she is doing .Take the first accusation of racism: at 5.27

    “Many see (Liddle) as a racist’ – yes she actually did put that to Liddle. No, only brain dead ‘liberals’ like you who live in a bubble. Sickening. Suicide bombers at Tower Hamlets is a racist remark. This shows that her mind suicide bombers are not white caucasians – BBC/Matlis surpressed racisim?

    Maitliss is the living embodiment of everything that is wrong with that disgusting cesspit of globalism and cultural marxism. They don’t even bother to hide their contempt for this country and the large number of people who want Britain to reclaim its sovereignty.

    So tired of watching these po-faced, leftist harridans ignorantly snarling away at any guests who don’t tow the woke PC line. BBC and C4 news programming has gone due south, unwatchable.

    Time the wretched BBC & C4 were privatised and the licence tax abolished.

    Vid Mirror
    Brexit: Rod Liddle and People’s Vote’s Tom Baldwin on ‘betrayal’ – BBC Newsnight

    On MSM distortion:

    Trump said “If you don’t like USA you can leave”, no mention of race, colour or religion. No different from “If you don’t like this shop you can leave” – no racism

  6. I’m reminded of the comedian who when a heckler shouted out why not just leave if you hate US replied that along the lines of I would but have you seen our foreign policy lately

  7. @BniC

    two handy ripostes if you’re ever in the audience and asked by a comedian ‘what do you do for a living’ (as you know they’re gong to try and make a joke out of it)

    “I’m a stand-up comedian, what do you do?”


    “I work for a charity that tries to make wishes come true for terminally ill children”

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