The slimy toad, the politician

Tom Watson insisted on Tuesday he too was a victim of the fantasist Carl Beech in what a falsely accused former MP branded an “outrageous” attempt to gain sympathy for his mistaken support for the convicted paedophile.

The headline is a synonym, not an antonym.

20 thoughts on “The slimy toad, the politician”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    The headline is a synonym, not an antonym.

    No, this is called apposition, as eny fule no

  2. Tom Watson is an anagram of ‘What a cunt’

    A few letters missing and some left over, of course, but a more accurate and believable statement than any made by ‘Nick’.

  3. He’ll weather this, like he weathers everything else. His faction in the Labour Party will rally round & support him. He might even be a future Labour PM with Polly Twatbee penning odes of heroism. The question is not whether your right or wrong, good or bad. Simply whether your one of us.

  4. Incidentally, how are the BBC treating the Tom Watson angle? To air, not the website few read. Can’t get it here. If it was a Tory MP it’d rate an hour long “special report” all of it’s own. With interviews with the neighbour’s cat. Are they even mentioning it? Or is he being included with Beech’s other victims?

  5. “His pursuit of Leon Brittan can never be forgiven”

    The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable

  6. To label Tom Watson a scumbag would be too kind. Am pleased it’s being highlighted. The Tories have their share of lowlife, but Labour are of a different order.

  7. The ‘Guardian’ have published a ‘how could this have ever happened?’ article from the Panorama woman.

    It’s ‘no comments allowed’, naturally! Or the finger would be pointed squarely at them.

  8. I used to think of Tom Watson as Jabba the Hutt – slouching there on the front bench waiting to eat a Tory. Now he just looks very ill after losing all that weight.

    I do find it very strange that Plod swallowed Beech’s tall tale hook line and sinker. You might, on first interview, accept it at face value for further investigation, but surely subsequent interviewers should at least entertain the possibility it’s a crock in most or all respects, and be looking for indications of that. Extraordinary allegations should need good evidence – more than just he said, (s)he said.

  9. I do find it very strange that Plod swallowed Beech’s tall tale hook line and sinker

    I don’t. They, and the media, and the Opposition, wanted to believe it. They desperately wanted to believe it, so they did.

  10. Wasn’t Zac Goldsmith guilty of doing a Watson? Perhaps at the behest of that mad sister who moistens up for Assange.
    Odd family.
    (But Watson remains the cunto di tutti cunto.)

  11. The Meissen Bison

    Fatmatt: But Watson remains the cunto di tutti cunti.

    How true and in much the same way as Sir Alan Duncan is the Frutto di Tuttifrutti

  12. Treason May and her creature Saunders with the assistance of the song-and-dance fuckwit media took the Savile hot air and started a bandwagon that self-serving scum like Watson were only too glad to jump aboard.

    One more score to settle with Treason May. The bitch is lucky BoJo is PM not me.

  13. ‘One more score to settle with Treason May. The bitch is lucky BoJo is PM not me.’

    Ecks wins the thread – that has made me laugh out loud to general bemusement from the rest of the office…

  14. Would still like to see someone report Watson for anti-semitism over going after Leon Brittain and others.

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