The solution for Theresa

“Time for a woman on the Moon”

Title of Unherd’s marketing email today.

15 thoughts on “The solution for Theresa”

  1. I think you’ll need a bigger spaceship, given the number of possible candidates for the role who really need a rocket.

  2. On the grounds that the Apollo astronauts left packets of waste products, the woman could cap that with a tampon!

  3. Polly Toynbee, May, every female columnist at the Times, Gina Miller, every columnist at the Guardian (the males qualify), a few female actresses I can’t be arsed to mention, the outgoing head of the CPS – we’ll need a bigger spaceship.

    Crash the fucker into the Moon.

  4. “Crash the fucker into the Moon.”

    No, aim for outer space, just let the rocket keep going, if it crashed on the moon, there would be a second tier of equally stupid numpties wanting another rocket to go there and erect a memorial to them.

  5. Jules Verne used a cannon for orbital insertion,, didn’t he? An idea could be revisited….

  6. Playground joke:
    “Mummy, why hasn’t a woman been to the moon yet?”
    “I don’t know Tommy, why hasn’t a woman been to the moon yet?”
    “Because it doesn’t need dusting”

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