The Woken SS

Yes, we must use this phrase more often:

The Woken SS

What’s amusing – horrifying to taste – is that they are in fact invading Poland as well. A vaguely Catholic authoritarianism might not be to your or my taste but that Woken SS is insisting that it must not be allowed to happen even where people have voted for it.

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  1. It’s worth repeating the whole paragraph as it is so 100% correct.

    I’ve said that from Cameron onward, the Tories have made the mistake of trying to do just this….

    “David French and his ilk argue that we must engage in civil discussion with the progressive left. This is a delusional attempt at appeasement: the Woken SS will never be appeased. They will pocket any concession you make today (well, Thomas Jefferson did own slaves, after all, so I guess we should consign him to the Memory Hole) and then proceed without even a thank you to their next target. And they will do so until every last vestige of the American past is similarly damned to oblivion and extirpated from our collective memory.”

  2. I commented similarly a few days ago.

    It isn’t about the flag at all. It’s about Western Civilization. They don’t like it. The Left will pick at the fabric of America til it frays.

    Instead of getting defensive about the flag, we should follow the professors cue, GFY.

    The Left’s toolbox is down to RACISM! and climate whatever. Both tools are getting dull.

  3. Kamala wants to make the nominee selection about race so she can beat up on Biden and the other old white makes, being Obama’s VP hasn’t saved him from being painted as racist it seems.
    Could be Trump is stirring the pot to make the oppositions nomination process as fractious as possible

  4. Hmmm, hadn’t thought of that BniC. Trump would do that. Brilliant!

    I think the Squad Tweets were just suckering the Left into a mess. A Tar-Baby. Yes, he was telling the public what he thinks, but he knew full well it would draw the Dems in. He can read them like the stitches on a fast ball. He knew they couldn’t let it be. That they would defend the indefensible. So the Dems back anti American haters against a popular president. Fvcking geniuses.

    My biggest political concern is who can the Republicans come up with in 2024 to replace Trump? Their other superstar in the last half-century was another non-career politician. A good B-movie actor.

    Trey Gowdy is the only one that comes to mind immediately. He is knowledgeable, constitutional, and has a damn BACKBONE. He believes in citizen representatives, not career politicians.

    Jim Jordan is a possibility, though he might be Speaker of the House by then. I like Ted Cruz, but I don’t think he is effusive enough. Pence hasn’t distinguished himself at all.

    I have said for decades that the arguments in Congress should be between Republicans and libertarians. There should be no place at the table for the Democrats. The Left should be banished. Maybe keep a few around as a reminder of how bad they are.

  5. @ Gamecock. Amen to all that. You’d think that after 150 years of abject failure and 100 million (minimum) deaths, people would have got the message that socialism kills, but it seems that the human condition precludes successive generations from learning from the mistakes of their predecessors.

  6. @Kevin Lohse

    “after 150 years of abject failure and 100 million (minimum) deaths”

    My own research proves that Socialism has been around for 730 years and has killed 4,892 million people. I will publish a paper on this if I get a grant. (c) Richard Murphy.

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  8. It’s infected us here too. In 2007 I moved a backbench motion “That this Council note the 300th anniversary of the founding of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and asking the Lord Mayor to consider favourably any invitations to any commemerations” and half the Labour group and both the Greens voted against. Simply note an actural factual fact, fer glod’s sake, carefully written to avoid any accusations of sensationalisation or jingoism.
    There are certain sorts of people who simply *hate* this country, yet choose to live here and benefit from everything its long history has produced.

  9. @Gamecock July 18, 2019 at 11:01 pm


    Trump provokes them to stump them.

    Who in 2024? Ross Perot has died, maybe BoJo?


    Not reported by BBC/MSM:

    AOC and the Socialist Squad Refuse to Condemn Antifa Terrorism
    “Sara Gonzales calls out AOC and the rest of the Socialist Squad after AOC and Ilhan Omar refuse to condemn Antifa terrorism after they were asked about it. Their response should tell every American EXACTLY where they stand on political violence! ”

    Sara’s News source:
    Keean Bexte Vids


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