There was a time when the Telegraph knew this stuff

Ella Mills, whose husband Matthew is the youngest of Dame Tessa’s two children,

It is the younger if there are only two…..

Hiring all these arts graduates means all numbers are wrong, of course, in every newspaper. But you’d hope that they’d be able to get the language right to compensate…..

14 thoughts on “There was a time when the Telegraph knew this stuff”

  1. Eugh elite rim jobbing. This woman abs her sister in law aren’t significant enough public figures for anyone to care about like this.

  2. Off topic, on LBC this morning, “…Scotland and other devolved nations…”

    UK is a nation, Scotland is a country.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    HB, Scotland are 5 Nations champions in perpetuity!

    As long as the occasional threat of throwing out the Italians isn’t followed through and they aren’t replaced.

  4. IIRC the USA are the reigning rugby union 15 a side Olympic champions.

    I think the UK hold the tug of war title.

  5. Last Olympics had rugby sevens as will the 2020 games, but last rugby union at Olympics was 1924 when the US beat the French in Paris
    History does throw up some interesting wins, GB have won gold at ice hockey in the Winter Olympics for example

  6. Apparently baseball was last played at 2008 Olympics and South Korea won gold, will be returning for the 2020 games because the Japanese asked for it to be included.
    Rugby sevens was one of the sports introduced when baseball and softball were dropped

  7. Hallowed Be: Using the Six Nation to justify any definition of nation or country is decidedly shaky, so long as it includes an “Irish” team.

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