There’s brave and then there’s…..

Wallabies shaken after front-rower Taniela Tupou mugged in South Africa


Taking on a 135kg Wallabies front-rower nicknamed the “Tongan Thor” on the street might seem like one of the worst ideas in the history of bad ideas, but it was Taniela Tupou who was left counting his blessings after being subjected to a brazen robbery in Johannesburg over the weekend.

Tupou, in South Africa preparing for Australia’s opening Rugby Championship match later this week, was heading back to the team hotel after dinner at a steak restaurant in an affluent suburb when a man pounced and snatched his mobile phone.

Tupou reportedly gave chase before being called off by his teammates as he tussled with the thief who was attempting to make his getaway in a waiting car.

Waving a gun around and shouting “Give me your wallet” is one thing. Actually jumping an international front row is rather beyond that, no?

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  1. Someone I know went on holiday there a few years ago. He was wandering out of the hotel when the staff rushed up and stopped him.

    He was popping out to the cashpoint around the corner – they insisted he took a taxi, advised him to stop next to it and get his cash as quickly as possible.

    Who the fuck would want to go to a place like that?

  2. Yeah, they can move faster than they look too, but the one that takes the award was the thief who snatched something off justin gatlin 100 m Us record holder and tried to make a run for it…i’ll see if i can find the video.

  3. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Someone tried to do the same thing to Nigel Benn at Gatwick (2001?).

    Now there’s bloody stupid.
    Benn caught him and sat on him, till the rozzers arrived.

  4. SA is far worse even than stabathon Londoom.

    Worldwide over the years more than a few big blokes–and some of them with boxing/MMA skills as well– have bitten the dust in the face of a crimo hiding behind a hail of bullets. Big fools die from gunshot wounds as easily as small ones. The Rugby bloke got away with it. He could just as likely be in an air-cooled drawer at the morgue this morning. With his name mis-spelt on the toe tag.

  5. “SA is far worse even than stabathon Londoom.”

    Oh it is. SA is circling the drain of rampant anarchy from the usual suspects.

    But if the UK had the US’s gun laws, would London be worse than New York?

  6. But if the UK had the US’s gun laws, would London be worse than New York?

    It’s not generally legally-held guns, nor licensed gun owners, that are the ones doing the gun crime. Handgun crime rose massively after the post-Dunblane ban on legal handgun ownership:

    HANDGUN crime increased by 40 per cent in the two years after the ban imposed because of the Dunblane massacre, according to a new study.

    The report from the Centre for Defence Studies at King’s College, London, found no link between the legal possession of guns and their use by criminals.

    More than 160,000 handguns were surrendered to the police. But in the two years after the ban the number of crimes in which a handgun was reported to have been used increased from 2,648 to 3,685 – up 40 per cent. Their use was at its highest level since 1993.

  7. I knew a guy who ran the Comrades once – and once only – because he was mugged in Durban the evening before having travelled there to be able to start in the morning

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