This is a surprise to whom

Snack manufacturers are enjoying a boost in sales in American states that have decriminalised marijuana.

Possibly that minority who have never had the munchies but other than that?

The four-year compound annual growth rate of snack sales in these ten states is 7.2 per cent, compared with 6 per cent where cannabis remains illegal, a report by the market research company Nielsen found. The same rate of growth for confectionery is 2 per cent in decriminalised states and 1.3 per cent in illegal states.

Nielsen concluded that decriminalisation of the drug “presents big opportunities for the American food and beverage market, particularly for the snack and confectionery category”.

An academic study published this year appears to support the findings.

There is no other explanation for the McDonald’s cheeseburger after all…..

5 thoughts on “This is a surprise to whom”

  1. I don’t find the correlations compelling. This sounds like the Times just manufacturing a story. An editor got the idea, his journalist found what his boss wanted.

  2. The way things are going, the marijuana will be legal everywhere and the snacks will be illegal. (Or possibly available on prescription only.)

  3. The other story here is why are snack sales rising everywhere at such a rate ( 6%+). Population growth doesn’t account for that.
    Higher value kettle chips perhaps and the demise of 10p bags of space raiders. People getting richer that they pay a dollar at a vending machine for the same product available in a multi-buy at Home Bargains priced at 3 for a dollar. I don’t know, but something is driving that trend.

  4. Canada should provide a useful test case, thigh right now it’s mainly an example that govt can’t organise a piss up in a brewery or whatever the equivalent would be.

  5. @Kevin

    +1 Gov’t/PHE latest intervention is state to tell us how much sleep we each require.

    Report to your local sleep assessment centre at 0700hrs and wait, you may be assessed before we close at 1800 (assessors work 9-5 with two hour lunch break).

    Warning: failure to attend may result in fines/jail.

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