This is fun

Tetsu Yamauchi

With Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu and Rabbit
Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu and Rabbit (1972)
with Free
Heartbreaker (1973)
with the Faces
Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners (1974)
You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything (1974)

OK, so, been there, done it.

He retired from the music industry in the mid 1990s and moved to the countryside with his family to live a quiet life, refusing to speak to anyone from the press. He considers it juvenile and vain for people his age to still be performing rock and roll, and refused invitations to take part in a Faces reunion.


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  1. I agree. Mick Jagger is about my father’s age. It’s preposterous for him to cavort and caterwaul like an adolescent.

  2. Yes. Mmmm…

    I’ve a mate had a rock band in that era. Played with many of the “names” at one time or another. Was one himself. Still occasionally puts a band together & fronts it. Other than that, lives on what he managed to stash away, odd bits of session & legacy royalties. But what’s he supposed to do? If I remember rightly, his other marketable skills are stores clerk & meat packer. Like a lot of them, he wanted to play rock/blues. Becoming a paid entertainer was a by-product, not the point. He’d have played whether he got paid for it or not. Still would & does.

  3. I’ve got the LP of Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners and the single of You Can Make Me Dance, Sing and Anything, being a massive Faces fan at the time.

    Tetsu wasn’t bad on the basis, but not up to filling the shoes of Andy Fraser and the even bigger shoes of the great Ronnie Lane.

  4. If the performers are still willing and able and the audience is there why not?
    Having seen both The Manfreds (most of Manfred Mann) and Neil Innes live not too long ago I can heartily recommend either for a great evening. They all perform with as much skill and enthusiasm as ever.
    There are a few performers I’ve seen on TV who clearly don’t have the voices they once had and I wouldn’t go to a gig as frankly it would verge on the embarrassing.
    I was never a great Stones fan but they seem to put on a good show still, so who’s complaining other than people who aren’t going to go anyway? It’s just the laziest punchline for a duff comedian whose temporarily run out of Trump or Farage material to bang on about the Stones’ ages.

  5. Ahem.

    The Faces came from the Small Faces. So called because they were all under 5 foot 6 or summat.

  6. We saw Bryan Ferry at the Rockford Wine Estate in the Yarra Valley in February. He and the band were quite brilliant, especially Jorja Chalmers on sax and keyboard. The wife is not a big fan, but she put it up among the best concerts she’s ever seen.

  7. Yes, Tim, but not the new members when Steve Marriot left, Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart, which is presumably why they dropped the Small.

  8. No, Edward Lud, although he is very slender and looks in good health. It was very much about the music. He has Chris Spedding on guitar who is much underrated, probably due to his being best known for Motor Bikin’.

  9. Saw Jeff Lynnes ELO on the current tour, fantastic concert and great night out.
    He made good use of the backing singers for some of the higher parts rather than try and force things which worked well overall.

  10. DocBud, you see, not only do I esteem Bryan Ferry, but elderly crooning is, imo, a decent and elegant pleasure.

    I don’t mind the Stones. But central to their shtick is cavorting and caterwauling. In septagenarians it’s unbecoming. And they all look like cadavers.

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