We could always make Steve a columnist

Here or at Cont Tel…..a “Steve of the Day” column….

10 thoughts on “We could always make Steve a columnist”

  1. Bloke in Germany

    Well, I don’t mean this as pejoratively as it sounds, but ConTel is basically a one-man content farm.

    What’s in it for him, except for glory?

  2. Weren’t there calls for steve to get a permanent position on the blog shortly after he started commenting?

  3. I’ll be interested in who gets the Democrat nomination for 2020 and Steve’s take on it – his comparison of Trump as Al Czervik from ‘Caddyshack’ (The character played by the late Rodney Dangerfield) and Hilary as Annie Wilkes from ‘Misery'(The character played by Kathy Bates) was so on the money I still use it and a ‘greatest hits’ of comments would probably approach the length of a Tolstoy novel. I do think he values his Free Agency so it would have to be a ‘guest slot’ but of course you can never have too much of someone who is a sheer genius…

  4. Van Patten +1
    You couldn’t make it a “Steve of the Day” because he has to earn a living so not fully available 24-8

  5. Tim, I’m honoured, but I’m just some bloke! Not really a name-in-lights sort of chap.

    Folks – saying “you’re too kind” is a cliche, but you are too kind. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts, comments and bon mots for years and hope for many more. Thank you for reading my little musings, and especially thanks to Tim for hosting this excellent blog.

  6. See if you can tempt Steve to comment on the Nguardia article “How secondhand drinking ruins lives”.

    Personally I guess that secondhand teetotalism has done some harm too.

  7. Steve, I’m all in favour of your modesty. But bloody hell, when you get going it’s Dickensian with some PJ O’Rourke thrown in.

    It may be that you need something to riff off. That’s my sense of it, anyway. If so, find a riff. Yours is a turbocharged talent. More light, less bushel.

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