Well, yes Polly

Boris Johnson’s crew will repel voters – there’s no need to fear him
Polly Toynbee

No deal isn’t the will of the people, and a hard Brexit policy will alienate moderate Tories – especially when they see the costs

The only people currently in Parliament who are complying with the stated wishes of the 52% of the voters in the referendum are – Boris and the Hard Leavers. Everyone else is Remain.

Way to repel voters, right?

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  1. Notice how the argument has shifted?

    Previously it was not the will of the people to even leave. People didn’t know what they were voting for, demographics have changed blah blah blah. Now it’s just “No deal isn’t the will of the people”.

    We’re winning.

  2. They, Guardian writers, are so unaware of the rest of us. And they get paid for it, dafter the better. Whence comes the idea that a newspaper can be built around the expressed whinges of wimmin with time on their hands?

  3. The evidence is that it sells to the 160,000 wimmin – of both and all sexes – with time on their hands that the country contains.

  4. 141,000 according to ABC/Wiki.

    Jeez, that’s down from 200,000 only five years ago! They’ll have vanished up their own fundament by 2030.

  5. @ Mal R

    The online readership includes people keeping an eye on the enemy

    I doubt they make much money out of it

  6. Bit surprised that the appointment of Jo Johnson didn’t attract any analysis/ criticism. I mean do they think he’s there on merit? If so would be nice to have this expounded. i don’t know but it seems of a bit of an open goal. Perhaps he’s just boring.

  7. Don’t think he was in the Cabinet before; he was only Minister, not Sec of State. But he did basically the same job as now under Cameron and May, so the only family favour is attending Cabinet.

    But that’s the logical answer. I think the real answer is that he gets a pass because he’s seen as a lefty pro-EU Johnson.

  8. It’s kind of like how the SNP and Plaid Cymru claim Brexit will destroy the Union, but also it’s an absolute imperative that Brexit be stopped.

    Summat’s fucky with their stated logic, so revealed preferences it is.

    Polly went through a lorryload of Tena Lady at the Uxbridge anthropophagus’ ascension to power, but five minutes later she’s claiming “Nah I’m not even bovvered innit?”


  9. Bit surprised that the appointment of Jo Johnson

    World Snooker champion? Must count for something. At least he achieved something.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Losses are down and manageable in perpetuity thanks to its £1bn endowment.

    Looks like a good target for a wealth tax.

  11. Losses are down and manageable in perpetuity thanks to its £1bn endowment.

    Bugger. There was me thinking that the Grauniad would be dead within a decade and they start getting all savvy with financial management.

    Never mind. It’s probably a good thing that the middle-class lefties have somewhere like the Grauniad to turn to for their fix of virtue signalling and remote programming.

    I haven’t read a paper copy of the Grauniad since the late 80’s / early 90’s (when I still hadn’t shaken off my libtard programming), those days are long gone.

  12. John
    “I haven’t read a paper copy of the Grauniad since the late 80’s / early 90’s (when I still hadn’t shaken off my libtard programming), those days are long gone.”

    Similar to me. A local newspaper shop went out of business so I couldn’t get the rag delivered.
    Working from home and being lazy, I looked online for news and found a whole other world outside of my previous Guardian/BBC/C4 news intake.
    Now I barely glance at The Guardian website and never listen to or watch broadcast news.
    I suspect we aren’t alone.

  13. @JS “a whole other world outside of my previous Guardian/BBC/C4 news intake.”

    I’ve just been using a loan car while my car was being services and was stuck listening to BBC Radio 4, having given up on the BBC a couple of years ago. It hasn’t changed;

    BBC interviewer to PC/Libtard/feminazi spokesperson “Could you explain your point at length while I make sympathetic murmuring noises in the background?”


    BBC interviewer to anyone politically to the right of Mao “Your policies will inevitably result in the mass deaths of seals and babies and baby seals and lead to a global holocaust. There is no defense to this and I will constantly interrupt you if you try to make one”

  14. Bloke In Westerville

    Boris Johnson’s crew will repel voters – there’s no need to fear him

    Kind of has that ‘Donald Trump will repel voters – there’s no need to fear him’ ring to it, doesn’t it?

  15. Is he going to race Greta across the Atlantic, are they expecting pirate ships of disgruntled voters to try and slow him down?

  16. ‘Boris Johnson’s crew will repel voters – there’s no need to fear him’.

    They said the same thing about ScoMo during the last elections in Oz.

  17. Lovely jubbly – good article:

    The beauty of Boris is that he drives the Lefties doolally

    The Great Offices of State have been graced by the gamut of personalities down the years, none more so than that of Prime Minister. From the majesty of Churchill and the iron fist of Thatcher, to the unctuousness of Cameron and Blair, the inhabitants of Number 10 have usually managed a certain dignity.

    Let’s make no bones about it, Boris Johnson is no statesman. He doesn’t do gravitas or decorum. Indeed this is part of his charm, and perhaps his greatest asset.

    In an age where everything is micromanaged and focus-grouped before rehearsal in front of the mirror, he dares possess that quality so absent from the usual denizens of Westminster – he’s real. Like Prince Philip, Johnson is fond of or prone to gaffes (depending on your taste). In fact, a Johnson PR event would be remarkable only by its absence of controversial comments. Here are a few of his best one-liners:

    On speeding: ‘No one obeys the speed limit except a motorised rickshaw.’

    On obesity: ‘Face it: it’s all your own fat fault.’

    On Portsmouth: ‘Too full of drugs, obesity, underachievement and Labour MPs.’

    Where I feel Johnson performs well is the Leftie handwringing he causes without getting out of bed. In a time where saying anything of meaning automatically leads to fainting fits, it has long been the benchmark of a good orator that he causes sufficient outrage. It is refreshing to observe the media passing around smelling salts as a matter of necessity in his presence.

    Even mute, Johnson violates the progressive narrative so strongly that he is clearly confusing opponents who thought the victim card had been enshrined into law

    Corbyn meanwhile (privileged, straight white man) decided to focus on how unrepresentative Johnson’s election was, conveniently forgetting that Gordon Brown and himself were elected much the same way

    Illiberal anti-democrat leader Jo Swinson stamped her foot and wrung her hands furiously at the notion that Boris had promised to deliver the will of the people, at least 17.4million of whom she knows better than

    No matter how much the Left, the media, and Remain scream he’s the wrong man for the job, ‘a shallow, narcissistic, womanising liar’ – they’re wrong; that’s exactly the man we need for the job: a real one.

    Here’s why Boris is a win for Britain:

    First of all, if he does nothing except burn wads of £50 notes, Boris will do far less damage to the nation than the sell-out May or the anti-British quisling Corbyn.

    Second, the UK needs a boost. It is not ‘austerity’ (the ignominy of a 42-inch plasma TV and an iPhone 6), but misery and defeatism which are crippling Britain

    Whether Johnson is the real deal remains to be seen. If he can deliver a proper Brexit, he will have done his job. Failing that, the guest suite will need to be prepared for Nigel Farage; either eventuality works for me.

    Sure is sending them doolally; I’m finding MSM anti-Boris agenda hilarious, BBC/C4 have given up on any pretence of being impartial. They’ve become post Trump CNN etc equiv.

    They’ve already branded him racist, sexist, anyist and lbgtxyz-islama-blah phobic – not anti-Semite then, ooo another failing.

    Coming soon C4 News “We uncover Johnson’s Regime links to Russia”?

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