Well, yes, quite so

Nous allons, wir gehen, we’re off.”

Anne Widdicombe

15 thoughts on “Well, yes, quite so”

  1. When I wish to make a decision with a deep impact on my children`s lives I generally go to is a raddled preening escapee from the 1940s

    Don`t you?

  2. Bloke in Cornwall

    @Newmania – Doesn’t that mean getting rid of a large chunk of both houses then? If age is an issue for decision making then Mr Corbyn needs to be moved on? Is 50+ to old too? how about 40+? what boundaries should we impose for your liking?

  3. As a digression, using her 90 seconds to complain about bigger fishing nets is odd. Those are presumably chosen to allow more immature fish to escape (and grow and be caught later).

    Would be curious to get an experts views on whether that is a silly or sensible change

  4. @isp001

    I would say that fishing net space size is one method of maintaining fish stocks. Suitability of this legislation depends on how you try to prevent over fishing.

    You could use smaller space size nets if you use a smaller net on a small boat as you’re taking less fish on each trip. If you use a mega trawler, taking massive hauls each time, then you will need to use a larger net spacing to prevent over fishing.

    As per usual, it seems like one-sided fits all legislation that assumes we’re all the same in the EU.

    Disclaimer: the above is based on logic and not my excessive fishing industry experience. (I saw a fishing boat once)

  5. Newmania: Judgement, not age, is a better criterion. AW was spot on about their farce of a selection process. In fact, it’s a defining example of why the EU will fail eventually.

  6. When I wish to make a decision with a deep impact on my children`s lives I generally go to is a raddled preening escapee from the 1940s

    I prefer to listen to sneering, booze-soaked Luxemburgers, moist-handed Belgian fiddly-kidders, withered Teutonic kebabophiles, soy-ravaged metropolitan onanists and rat-faced men called Jeremy.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    The best way to conserve fish stocks is to prohibit foreign fishing boats from British waters and confiscate those which transgress.

    Any surplus nets can be used by gardeners to keep pigeons off the Brusselsexit sprouts.

  8. So some engineering genius looks into the problem – nets break, need repairs, end up as ocean debris, invents a new net with small spacings which lifts the fishies onto a chute on the trawler where the smaller ones glide through holes back into the ocean ( like stone grading ).
    Doesn’t matter what really, it’s the principle of innovation. If you come up with something better you have to hire some lobbyists to go to Brussels to simultaneously change the law in 27 other countries before you can sell your invention.
    So innovation will not happen in the EU, and we’ll become less rich than say being in the EEA and having a devolved fisheries policy.

  9. @ Newmania
    Are you calling me raddled?
    Let’s try a marathon together or, better, London to Brighton!
    Of course I am an escapee from the 1940s when Attlee introduced bread rationing after the war ended, when your pals through stones/half-brocks through any window showing a Conservative poster, when boys turned up to school in patched shorts handed-down because the family wasdn’y allowed to buy new ones, when school toilets were two walls with a drain, when Attlee built prefabs in which old people froze to death while Bevan gave surgeons a massive pay rise as a bribe to tolerate his incmpetent NHS, when Labour nationalised the “commanding heights of the economy” who then shrank to molehills while ICI etc, deemed too insignificant to be nationalised grew to be the driving force of economic growth, when – even including the prefabs intended as temporary housing – the wonderful Attlee government built less than two-thirds as many houses per year as SuperMac.
    Of course I am an escapee – the ones who didn’t escape from Attlee died

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