What’s the definition of a Bond actor?

Dealer who sold chemsex drugs to serial killer Stephen Port convicted of Bond actor’s murder


A man who sold chemsex drugs to serial killer Stephen Port has been found guilty of killing a former Bond actor with an overdose.

Gerald Matovu, 26, a drug dealer, met Eric Michels, 54, via Grindr in August last year.

He plied him with a fatal dose of GHB at Mr Michels’ home in Chessington, south-east London, then made off with his bank card details and other belongings.

Mr Michels, who had an uncredited role as a cocktail party guest in Skyfall,

That might be stretching it a bit, no?

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  1. I see in the news today that the Bond franchise has gone ‘woke’ and replaced 007 with a black women (James Bond himself now some emasculated loser who can’t pull or something).

    Looking forward to seeing this bomb at the box office. Shame because I really like Bond movies.

  2. Without consulting a map, is Chessington really in South East London? Isn’t it somewhere between Epsom and Surbiton, Chessington World of Adventures?

  3. It is SW London, unless there’s another one the other side.

    Ironic really, the media are so utterly clueless that even when they are as absurdly London-centric as they are they can’t even get that right.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset


    It’s sarf of the river AND outside the North/South circular. – might as we be in Timbuktu.

  5. Dongguan John,

    “Shame because I really like Bond movies.”

    The problem is that the recent films (and I suspect this is about the change from Cubby to Barbara Broccoli) are trying to appeal to a market that really doesn’t exist. They feel like films that are desperate to be credible rather than just spectacular and entertaining. They hired the sort of director that wins Oscars. They include all sorts of cod-Freudianism and a desperate levels of grimdark.

  6. “… I really like Bond movies.”

    Weird, then, that you already decided you don’t like the next one.

    Why not give it a go? Judge it on it’s merits as a film, not it’s woke credentials. A black woman playing a spy is hardly a new or unusual thing. Is your problem just that (apparently) Bond doesn’t bed her? There are other kinds of film out there if that’s what you’re after.

  7. @PJF

    It’s not about someone else. Bond is still in it. It’s still about him. And he is still played by, and as, a heterosexual white man.

  8. Oh, it’s this upcoming Bond movie. I thought the chatter was about the next one (Craig replacement). No biggie, then. Double-oh-seven applied to more likely type of agent for nowadays. Although they could have jumped immediately to a trans-Bond. Played by a blacked up Scarlett Johanssen.

  9. Drat. My entry above was supposed to be License to Creole. Rushing at work on a phone is never good for the flow.

  10. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    This of course is nothing new. Back in 1983, there was a huge splash on the front page of the Evening Standard “Dr Who Actor Murdered”

    Blimey, I thought, it was someone taking revenge on Tom for divorcing Lalla. It turns out that it was Peter Arne, who had been cast in a Dr Who episode, which had not been filmed yet. In fact Arne had only just started rehearsals and was still signing on for the dole. He was in loads of films and TV and played Kitchener in Khartoum with Charlton Heston (with his vest on) and Larry. The story of his killing is v. strange. From IMDB:

    Arne had been cast to play the part of Range in Doctor Who: Frontios: Part One (1984). He had just returned from a costume fitting when he was bludgeoned to death in his apartment with a log from the fireplace. The role was later filled by William Lucas. The prime suspect in Arne’s murder was a schoolteacher from Italy who had been living rough in a local park, for whom Arne had been providing food, and who drowned a few days later in an apparent suicide. Police suspect the murderer came to Arne’s home for whatever reason, and became incensed either when Arne made a pass at him, or refused his request for accommodation. A man fitting the suspect’s description was also spotted by a neighbor sitting on the entry stairs of Arne’s building shortly before Arne returned home from the aforementioned fitting at the BBC, eating from what appeared to be a jar of honey, a half-eaten jar of which was found in Arne’s flat. The alleged killer’s body was found washed up near Wandsworth bridge 3 days later, his bloodstained clothes found upstream at Putney. The coroner concluded that the man killed Arne and then committed suicide whilst in a disturbed state of mind.

  11. thing about Craig being good ( in my humble opinion) as 007 is that he plays it with a dark troubled persona.
    So at least we get half that with the new 007!
    Sorry she is not beautiful – but then appreciation of beauty is a subjective response to visual stimuli – no I am not racist !

  12. imo 007 IS James Bond and James Bond IS 007. We’ve had 006 008 etc appearing and that’s OK and what she should have been cast as.

    Similar to The Prisoner and Number 6

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