Which bit did Heather Mills lose?

Heather Mills has said he and 90 other people have been awarded the highest media libel settlement in UK legal history following a claim against News Group Newspapers.

I thought it was a leg below the knee. Not something that normally causes a change in gender is it? But then with the modern fashion for trans this and that perhaps unipedal is a male gender.

7 thoughts on “Which bit did Heather Mills lose?”

  1. “innocent members of the public who, like me, have suffered similar ignominious, criminal treatment at the hands of one of the world’s most powerful media groups.”

    Criminal? Sounds like slander.

  2. Piers Morgan hooked her up with Paul McCartney. Those media groups were the absolute making of her and that land mine charity she was involved with.

    She’s Princess Diana, backwards. First came the car wreck, then came the charity and finally she married tabloid royalty.

  3. Piers Morgan hooked her up with Paul McCartney.

    Is there no end to Morgan’s crimes against humanity?

  4. They sell a dwindling number of copies of The Giradanu, Gamecock. But most people who read it have their copy paid for by work (civil service or BBC, if there’s a difference).

  5. Dear Mr Worstall

    Perhaps Sky had used up their daily allowance of the letter ‘s’, though I thought that alphabet rationing was something the eu were planning to introduce later.

    Maybe they have brought it forward because of Brexit.


  6. @Andrew S. Mooney July 8, 2019 at 11:37 am

    Wish Piers Morgan had hooked Meghan Kardashian up with Paul McCartney – sooner Harry divorces that embarrassment the better.

    EIIR should make Harry Governor of St Helena

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