Greta Thunberg to sail across Atlantic for UN climate summits


But she said she did not yet know how she was going to get there. “It’s on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean,” she said. “And there are no trains going there. And since I don’t fly, because of the enormous climate impact of aviation, it’s going to be a challenge.”

Owned by a German property developer, Gerhard Senft, based in Brittany and sponsored by the Yacht Club de Monaco, the 18-metre (60ft) yacht is a high-speed planing monohull built for the 2016-17 single-handed, non-stop round-the-world Vendée Globe race. The club said on its Facebook page it was “honoured to be able to sail Greta Thunberg emission-free over the Atlantic”.

The yacht is fitted with solar panels and underwater turbines to generate zero-carbon electricity. Greta will be accompanied on the voyage by Malizia II’s skipper Boris Hermann, her father Svante, Pierre Casiraghi, the grandson of Monaco’s late Prince Rainier III and the actor Grace Kelly, and a film-maker.

Greta told the Associated Press before the announcement that she had not wanted to travel to the US by cruise ship because of their notoriously high emissions, while the Atlantic could be dangerous for sailing boats in August because of the high risk of hurricanes.

Anyone want to try proving that taking a 60 ft yacht across the ocean for two weeks is going to have lower emissions than a seat on a plane or boat that’s already going there?

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  1. I’ll bet the emissions to build it divided by the number of trips so far is more than hiring a private jet.

  2. Mitch,

    I wouldn’t wish harm, but these yachts aren’t that safe. I don’t think I’d be able to suppress a chuckle if Greta’s demise was by eco transport.

  3. isn’t the fair comparison is 2 weeks of Greta at sea versus 13 1/2 days on land and 1/2 in the air?

  4. I’ll bet the emissions to build it divided by the number of trips so far is more than hiring a private jet.

    On a similar theme, I heard Matt Ridley on a podcast the other day say most energy generating systems need to operate at a ratio of 7:1 of energy generated relative to energy to build. Wind turbines struggle to get much more than 1:1.

  5. Maritime Barbarian

    My rule of thumb is that the most expensive transport uses the most energy. Because all costs are someone’s wages, and they use the wages to drive to work, heat houses, etc.
    Use the cheapest method, it’s best for the planet. Possibly unscientific but I won’t deprive my family of the holidays the rich will continue to have.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m really jealous. Here it is being put through its paces and you get the added bonus of listening to Pink Flyod’s One of These Days.

    If they go across the Atlantic on the plane and/or foils she’s going to be a wreck when she gets there, they aren’t built for comfort.

    I suspect the helicopter filming it has used up her carbon allowance for an average lifetime.

    I notice Radders thinks she’s going on something more sedate, which I suspect is the correct boat not the one in the Guardian article, but I haven’t got time to investigate.

  7. Should greens be endorsing the production of frivolous items such as racing yachts?

    They serve no useful purpose to civilisation at large

  8. Martime Barbarian:
    exactly the comment I made a few weeks ago. The price of a thing is the clearest indicator of how much energy it uses.

  9. Wind turbines struggle to get much more than 1:1.

    Wikipedia says the EROI (energy return on investment) of wind turbines is in the 20-50 range. Nukes are in the 75-100 range and CCGT is 28 for comparison.

  10. So let me see – this poor girls parents are prepared to send their daughter 3000 miles across the ocean on a little yacht, at a time of year when storms are not unknown in the Atlantic (she’ll be crossing in the middle of August, the same time as the Fastnet disaster in 1979), just to make a political point? Fuck me they are nasty pieces of work. They’d rather she was put in mortal danger than fly, just for their own ideological ends.

  11. starfish,

    Part of the point is to show us oiks that, in future, transatlantic travel will be restricted to those lords and masters who can take enough of our money to afford themselves private eco-yachts.

  12. Before I got too old and was forced to “swallow the anchor” I was a keen offshore sailor, but I wouldn’t want to “do” the Atlantic in a boat like that. It’s a fabulous piece of kit – for racing… It will probably be the most uncomfortable journey of Miss Thunberg’s life. With August not being exactly the best time for a crossing, let’s hope that she survives the experience.

  13. @Jim

    They’d rather she was put in mortal danger than fly, just for their own ideological ends.

    Exactly, just imagine the media storm….

    Can’t make an omelette etc

  14. It won’t surprise me if she becomes a climate martyr by her own hand.

    A neighbour’s 17 year-old daughter has so swallowed the carbon indoctrination (mostly from school) that she has already decided never to have children, because of the carbon footprint. Unlike Greta, I struggle to imagine that she would be short of offers to reproduce.

    These people need to stop worrying about 2% carbon emissions from flying and deal with 75% of emissions by stopping using heating, electricity, living in brick/concrete houses, and eating anything.

  15. Isn’t this the Dumbass who thinks she can see CO2?

    Claims she cares about nature?

    Sailing across the Atlantic in stormy season will show her how many f*cks nature gives about her…
    (Spoiler: not a single one)

    As for seeing CO2… Maybe she saw some heat haze at the top of a chimney and thinks that’s CO2?

  16. What are ‘climate summits?’

    They are the barren mountains the new Khymer Rouge want to march the population onto.

  17. The other week I joined a Walmart meeting in Shenzhen, they’re done twice a year.

    All the US based evil Walmart attendees joined by this sinister neoliberal zero carbon means called video conferencing.

  18. If Saint Greta can see 400ppm CO2 in the atmosphere then she’s blind every time she breathes out, simply because the air we exhale contains 40.000 ppm. of the evil planet destroying gas that is produced by all that filthy carbon our bodies burn just to stay alive.

  19. It will be interesting to see how much the multiple lifetimes worth of emissions will be glossed over if she needs air/sea rescue after an extensive search.

  20. Bloke in North Dorset

    As for seeing CO2… Maybe she saw some heat haze at the top of a chimney and thinks that’s CO2?

    Well, this is the sort of misleading image which is/was generally used every time global warming/climate change etc go an airing in the MSM.

  21. Summon the Kraken!

    ‘is a high-speed planing monohull’ with ‘underwater turbines to generate zero-carbon electricity’ slowing it down.

    Physics ahoy!

    Every action has an equal and opposite action.

    It’s the no free lunch thing. Climate loonies don’t do physics.

    There would be no boat without fossil fuels, because apart from the energy they provided during construction, various materials derived from fossil fuels were needed to actually build and equip it.

  22. If even Biggie gets the picture–that the globo-elite (working via the shite of green Marxism and junior mental cases) want all us non elite folk ruined–with our cars gone and no air travel either–then things are looking up.

    The world’s Bubbler Proggies of course think that they will share the elite’s benefits–when in fact they will be next for the boot on their mugs after the lower classes have been dealt with.

    As for the silly little cow trying her hand as yacht crew across the Atlantic Ocean–Jim is correct. Her parents must be real scum.

  23. Bloke in North Dorset

    Been doing a bit more reading and calculating and it does look plausible.

    Its described as a “planing type” boat. That’s appears to be a design term to describe the hull shape, but it doesn’t need to plane its got foils.

    There’s an article on the development of the boat that says it can do about 22kts in a 20kt wind and about 27 kts when foiling.

    Although its not clear where in the UK she’s starting the distance from Southampton to NY is 3632 nm so they’d need to average 11kts to do it in 2 weeks. Probably nearer 12 or 13 as they’ll be routing round any storms, if they’ve got any sense.

    I can’t find anything on underwater turbines, but they wouldn’t be that much of a drag to maintain that speed. I can’t see why they’d need them, though. They only need to power navigation, weather and safety equipment (AIS), so a few computers and a sat receiver. The solar panels should be able to maintain the batteries, unless the little princess and her entourage want TVs, hot water, Internet and all the other trappings of civilisation – surely not.

  24. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    I’d have thought that Mr Casiraghi’s mother would’ve told him about the dangers of travelling in fast boats.

  25. We have to be reaching some sort of peak insanity.

    A 16-year not going to school is:
    – lecturing us on complicated scientific topics
    – going to UN climate summits to lecture also them
    – doing silly stunts like this
    – and a bunch of grown-ups (many of whom respectful) are taking this seriously

    The only rational reactions would be to:
    a) laugh
    b) encourage her to use her interest in science by studying it
    c) tell her to fuck off

  26. @Emil

    Tim N blogged on that thought recently:

    I’ll copy and paste my comment here:

    “This is something I really don’t get.

    She’s somehow become a major political personality because she (in conjunction with parents or whoever else) has managed to catch a particular wave and build a personal brand around it.

    But she doesn’t have any unique insight or qualification in terms of the content she’s talking about. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who know more about it than her, and tens of thousands who have made studying it their life’s work.

    So what are you actually going to learn by listening to her? Nothing that a reasonably well-informed person won’t have heard dozens of times before, surely?

    It seems the point, politically, is more to be seen to be listening to her. And perhaps to claim that you’ve been “inspired” – but the people who say that will most likely be the ones who would have claimed to agree with her points in the first place. The whole thing is just for show. In fact I do not think there are many lawmakers, even among the ones who sing her virtues, and even in France, who genuinely do agree with her, because if they were they would find it absolutely necessary to bring immediate, radical and sweeping transformation of their country’s economy and way of life – yet they show no sign of doing this. Even on a personal level, how many of them have given up meat and stopped flying?”

  27. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Of course. it is the same patronising elite who pretend to hang on Doreen Lawrence or , God forfend, Michelle Obama’s every word.

    Look at when St Greta addressed MPs, the front row of Milliband, Hattie Harperson and Twat Gove. Then find a similar picture of Mrs Lawrence: the same people, the same expression of rapt attention and a hint of a smile, like watching your daughter in her first Nativity play as Second Shepherd.

    Patronising scum, the lot of them. Mr Ecks is too liberal at times…

  28. I am a nicer guy than you others and I wish her well om her voyage, what a commitment to environmentalism!

    Although, when she gets there and finds every other cunt flew…

  29. Hurricane season, anyone?

    Only an idiot sets off to sail across the Atlantic before October 31st.

  30. MyBurningEars: thanks for the link. Who would have thought that the French would be the ones bringing some common sense to the table. That is surely a first…

  31. If you want to stop benefiting from fossil fuels you have to give up a lot more than just meat and flying. You would have to give up literally everything that you have, go naked and live on berries. In most latitudes you wouldn’t survive your first winter. I really wish that the eco loons would practise what they preach, we could be rid of the lot of them by Xmas.

  32. How is she getting back?

    Don’t let them get away with sailing her over then flying her back. It’s not Zero Emissions unless she does it both ways.

  33. Baron Jackfield
    ” It will probably be the most uncomfortable journey of Miss Thunberg’s life. With August not being exactly the best time for a crossing, let’s hope that she survives the experience.”

    Greta is autistic and saint-like so I doubt she will experience discomfort as we mere mortals do.

  34. Two weeks at sea in a race boat isn’t going to work without a rendezvous or six with supply ships.

  35. “f you want to stop benefiting from fossil fuels you have to give up a lot more than just meat and flying. You would have to give up literally everything that you have, go naked and live on berries. ”

    I always say that if a person is preaching the usual eco-bollocks, but has a car rather than a bike, central heating instead of an extra layer of clothes, their socks haven’t been darned and their garden isn’t wall to wall veg production, then they’re full of shit.

  36. Can’t she travel on a 19th Century tall ship?

    Plenty of those sailing about. I rather fancy signing up to crew on one myself purely for the experience (I’d fly home obviously).

    Or are they beyond the pale because they are made of wood?

  37. If she makes it there and back under sail and solar she will be hero. If she dies trying she will be a martyr.
    Neither are good outcomes for us.
    We should hope she gives up after 3 days and returns to Europa with her tail between her legs, and a new respect for nature which has far more danger to offer us than the gradual threat of higher CO2.

  38. Or she’s travelling during stormy season so she can then say look how extreme the weather has become, knowing most people won’t realise it’s storm season.
    Bit like diCaprio tried claiming the Chinook was an extreme weather event when filming in Canadian Rockies and the BBC artic fires due to high temperatures story which conveniently ignores the fact that trees don’t generally grow above the arctic circle without higher than normal temperatures due to underlying climatic or geographic features in the first place and so on

  39. The boat will be immune to weather, because it will travel within an impenetrable bubble of self-righteousness.

  40. I’m sure Gail Bradbrook thinks it’s a super stunt but I’m equally sure she’ll be flying instead

  41. St Greta of Thunderbirds

    Lifestyles of the eco warrior.

    Travelling to New York on a multi million $ racing yacht owned by the super rich in Monaco

    I hope it f’kin sinks and takes the downie looking twat with it!

    St Greta of Thunderbirds: “downie” – pleased I’m not only person thinking that about mummy’s puppet

    Green, CO2 etc? What about the St Greta of Thunderbirds Fleet Auxiliary vessels following complete with massed ranks of MSM and Helicopters to film from.

    As always, it’s “Do as I say, not as I do”

  42. Hope the retarded bitch drowns.
    A 16 year-old with downs telling the world what we should and should not be doing. Has the world gone fucking mad?

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