A certain disappointment

I’ve been using a tool which tells me how often something is searched for. “What is Modern Monetary Theory” appears to get 260 searches a month.

Won’t Richie be pissed that no one cares?

8 comments on “A certain disappointment

  1. Nah Neil. Reading that, he seems to imply the MMTérs had stumbled upon that which he’d pioneered back when he was still sucking rusks on his mother’s lap & had had the impudence to name it.
    He is truly the greatest mind of our, if not all, time.

  2. You’d think he would understand the subject by now if that were so….

    Do you have any evidence to support that contention?

    Based on what I’ve seen, I’d think he’ll never come close to understanding the subject… irrespective of effort level.

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