Along with everyone else in the country

Whaley Bridge dam collapse: Derbyshire town evacuated as RAF called in amid flooding fears

RAF, just the right people to call…..

7 thoughts on “Along with everyone else in the country”

  1. Hysterical media coverage. 6500 people to be emergency evacuated buh-doom. Actual numbers so far approx 1000.

    About 75-80% of Whaleybridge is built above the reservoir. Planners have done a good job to control build-areas.

    May be larger consequences later if it bursts through loss of services etc, but for now it is media fuckwits being themselves.

  2. There was massive coverage on the BBC this morning. It even knocked the Tories losing a by-election off top spot. Why? Is this to feed into the Global Warming narrative – look at all the extreme events blah blah?

  3. The news reports people being evacuated to Chapel – which is five miles away. They could just as easily have been dispersed to Dowry, Howich End and Hockerley. I used to drive through Whaley Bridge when working over that side, and the main threat area is the old town along the main road at the bottom of the valley.

  4. “About 75-80% of Whaleybridge is built above the reservoir”

    That’s the impression I got from using Google Earth and watching the elevation reading while moving the pointer over various parts of the town. Seems to me some of the folk at greatest risk are those living in narrow boats on the Peak Forest Canal nearby. The reservoir was built to serve the canal nearly 200 years ago.

  5. I wonder which of the three Chinnok squadrons will be awarded the title ” The Damsavers ”

    The detailed plan to stop Whaley Bridge dam wall collapsing and avoid disaster – it involves a Chinook helicopter

    Well that all depends on whether or not the dam doesn’t burst, doesn’t it? How funny would it be if they let a load of those bags go only to have the dam collapse a few seconds after the bags landed…

    More here:

    From Dambusters to Damsavers….

  6. C4 News screws up in first sentence of headline story

    “Climate Change meets Victorian Infrastructure”

    Dam is pre-Victorian – unless it was designed, approved, built and commissioned in six months

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