And not a native speaker of English, obviously

Ngayi, I am Shantelle Thompson, a proud Barkindji-Ngyampaa-European woman of descent.

What in buggery is a “woman of descent”. Please tell me this is just her mangling something, not actually the new and approved method of describing such things?

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  1. ” a woman of Ngyampaa-European descent ” is hardly elegant even if she had got it right.
    I wonder if the Green Party web site is still insisting on the ethnic right of the aboriginal (or acceptable word de jour ) to vast tracts of Australia. It used to
    The suggestion that there is such a thing as “The English” and they might wish to have some relationship to ” England ” is , by contract; racist natch.

  2. Maritime Barbarian

    Not sure she deserves the “snowflakes” tag. Clearly a high achiever who overcomes obstacles.
    And has learned every last fashionable phrase relating to “empowerment”.
    Oddest phrase though: “babies as young as 12 are committing suicide”.
    Followed by “children aged 10” in prison.

  3. Where our national day of pride is celebrated on the date that the First Nations people lost everything. So how do we fight this?

    They lost bugger all. They gained access to all the benefits of Western civilisation and continue to do so. Unfortunately, some of them insist on being victims, blaming their plight on the coming of the White Man. The arrival of the First Fleet is why they get drunk, beat their wives and sexually abuse their children.

    In 2016, about $33 billion was spent directly on Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, that’s not bad for a population of 800,000.

  4. I became the Barkindji Warrior, a warrior who leads from the heart.

    I remember her hitting Hulk Hogan with a chair at WrestleMania III.

  5. Facepainter– now its anti-Green and not falling for woke leftist race bullshit? You really are trying to cross the divide aren’t you?. Well send in two box tops and a facsimile of your new Brexit Party membership card –and you will still be a treasonous, traitorous mental case worthy only of contempt.

    I suggest you practice shouting “Kammerad, Kammerad ” a lot as well.

  6. Its an accepted method of describing heritage by blood rather than place of birth. Its how Germany defined nationality to allow those in places such of Russia “of descent” to claim citizenship.

    (Heritage is the culture you came from, descent is where your ancestors came from).

    You can quibble about the use of the word of rather than by – but then we come back to culture, idioms and dialects.

  7. Surely all of us are African ‘by descent’? Or is that too ‘presentist’, since Africa is a very modern designation?

    If we wish to avoid that, the most recent evidence of archaic life (4.28 billion years) was recently discovered in Canadian rocks. So it’s nice to think that we are all really Canadian…

  8. No, *ancestry* is where your ancestors came from.

    Where on earth has this upside-down-ness come from. If you are of European ancestry, it means your ancestors were European. If you are of European descent it means your descendants are European. The closest to reality is that means you just plain *are* European.

    I spot American illiteracy creeping in here, the same illiteracy that mixes up come and go and their cognates. If you’re at home you’re not going to BRING something to work, you’re going to TAKE something to work.

  9. For all those who have attempted to define “woman of descent”, doesn’t that just mean “woman who goes down”?

    (And therefore much in demand in certain parts)

  10. “woman of descent” = miner


    “woman of descent” = likes wearing perfume.

    Withchie – Bad boy!
    M’Lud – by whom

  11. Dennis the Parochial Peasant

    What in buggery is a “woman of descent”.

    A woman walking down a set of stairs, or a sloped landscape, or taking an elevator to the ground floor, or…

    Come on, Timmy… use your imagination!

  12. Dennis The Erudite 'n' Insightful

    Actually, saying you’re of “Barkindji-Ngyampaa-European” descent is even funnier…

  13. I can never keep up with the latest in wokeness but I would guess that a “woman of descent” was someone whose original birth certificate stated that he/she/ze/zhe (etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.) was a female; rather than a female whose original birth certificate stated that she was a man?

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