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As the Stasi knew well, there are always narks

The man, who works for Norfolk-based company Konectbus, was said to be unhappy about the bus’s number being multicoloured in a nod to the LGBT rainbow flag.

Passenger Rebecca Sears said she was kept waiting as the driver insisted on swapping vehicles at Norwich Bus Station, two weeks after the city celebrated a Pride event.

The 19-year-old was trying to catch the 501 park and ride service to Thickthorn on August 9 when the alleged incident unfolded.

“He said we have to wait a minute, he said I am not driving this bus because it promotes homosexuality,” she said.

“I was standing with two other women and we thought he was joking.”

She added: “I just hope that he hasn’t said that in front of somebody that is gay. I would hate to think he would say something to them.

“He didn’t know if I was gay or the other two women I was with. He just out right said it.”

Miss Sears immediately complained about the driver’s behaviour to staff at the front desk.

20 thoughts on “As the Stasi knew well, there are always narks”

  1. I dislike ‘Gay Pride’ celebrations as much as any sensible non-narcisstic person who gets annoyed by attention seeking show-offs.

    However, It’s the driver’s job to drive the bus and if his bosses want him to drive a rainbow coloured bus with a fucking giant unicorn horn on the front and a massive dildo stuck up the boot then he can do it or quit. If he refuses to do what he’s paid for they should fire him.

  2. He was an idiot to announce the reason why to the passengers.

    People have got to start getting smarter around these snowflake millennials and attention-seeking virtue signallers…

  3. +1 for JuliaM

    “there’s a problem with the bus, we’ll have to use a different one” would have covered it.

  4. A company which had owners that felt homosexuality was great is of course free to do so and have their feelings played on loudspeakers as their vehicles travel the streets. Anyone who doesn’t go along with that is free to get another job.

    However, and of course, a company which had owners that felt that homosexuality was a sin would have to keep very quiet about it.

  5. Even Great British Beer Festival had gone with this nonsense and had a LGBT stand at the festival. Every time I walked past the stand didn’t seem that busy at all. CAMRA members are likely to be very homophobic was my analysis. Same way as this craft keg bollocks is rammed down their throats, now we have LGBT too. Next year, s stand to do with our muslim friends in order to fight islamophobia?

  6. Next year, s stand to do with our muslim friends in order to fight islamophobia?

    Cancelled next year as alcohol is haram, to show solidarity with their bearded brothers.

  7. Philip Scott Thomas

    Is there anything more soul-leachingly tedious than people who are offended on others’ behalf?

  8. Somewhat more bothered about the spelling of the company’s name.

    Personally, I blame the EU.

  9. Jussi,

    The gays don’t even care.

    The whole point of pride marches was solidarity, normalisation. At a time when most of society took a dim view of the gays. Putting up a rainbow flag was about a show of solidarity.

    Doing it when everyone else is doing it is just wanky PR, and the gays know it.

  10. JuliaM, when dealing with snowflake millennials and virtue-signallars I have found “Fuck Off” to be sufficiently effective.

  11. “If he refuses to do what he’s paid for they should fire him.”

    Unless he’s in a Protected Category, presumably?

  12. “The Nazis A Warning From History” has a section on the myth of there being a leather-overcoated Gestapo officer on every street corner.
    I can’t remember the exact numbers off-hand, but for one city of a million people there were, almost literally, a handful of Gestapo. They spent most of their time sifting through the mountains of mail full of denunciations of neighbours who were a “bit odd” or seemed insufficiently enthusiastic about Hitler.
    Personality types never go away, they just adapt to circumstances. The book-burners and denouncers are now SJWs, have a ready Gestapo among the “woke” in authority and send their letters denouncing those who don’t fit in on Twitter and Facebook.

  13. Dong,

    His counterparts in your neck of the woods are now being fired from driving planes if they refuse to sign up enthisiastically To the “crush Hong Kong under the communist one-China jackboot” mantra. Those views seem to come from the same place, no?

  14. Miss Sears complained about the driver’s change of bus because she was kept waiting for a minute – immediately to staff at the front desk, thereby causing a noticeably longer wait …

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