Bureaucratic efficiency

Your Reference CAS-5559392-PLH851

We are contacting you to apologise that we’ve not been able to reply to your complaint within the time period we aim for. We manage this for most complaints but regret it’s not always possible to achieve.

If you wish to refer this delay and the substance of your complaint to the BBC’s regulator Ofcom, you can do so online at https://www.ofcom.org.uk/tv-radio-and-on-demand/how-to-report-a-complaint/bbc-tv-channel-radio-station-bbciplayer or by post to: Ofcom, Riverside House, 2a Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 9HA. Please include for Ofcom your latest correspondence from and to the BBC and any BBC case reference numbers which you have been given.

Full details of the BBC’s complaints process can be found by visiting http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/handle-complaint/,and full details of Ofcom’s complaints process are available at https://www.ofcom.org.uk/tv-radio-and-on-demand/information-for-industry/guidance/procedures.

In the meantime we appreciate your patience and will respond as soon as we can.

Kind regards

BBC Complaints Team

17 thoughts on “Bureaucratic efficiency”

  1. You can complain about the delay in dealing with your complaint.

    It might take them a while to deal with it.

  2. I work in a small workshop where we repair air driven power tools. Our turn around time varies between same day and three weeks. This is totally dependent on the workload which is highly variable. Do you suppose that the BBC complaints department are subject to a high workload these days? I would have thought that they would need an entire department just to deal with the complaints about the lies that they tell about climate change.

  3. @Tim W

    Standard beaurcrat practice – delay in the expectation you’ll give up and go away.


    I complained about a BBC docu where narrator said “many making alcohol to drink died when they accidentally produced poisonous ethanol instead of the safe to drink methanol”

    There were three scheduled repeats: I asked them to re-narrate the sentence or display a warning about error on repeats and iPlayer as the error was potentially life threatening.

    Response: We disagree, not a serious mistake.

  4. I complained about Spud being introduced as an inventor of Corbynomics when he had on his own blog claimed it was not the case though they had of course stolen some of his ideas (at the time he was having a spat with Mcdonell and accusations of political affiliation which would affect grant status etc.) and was told as he had provided the bio information they hadn’t made the mistake and didn’t have to correct anything

  5. It’s no better in Germany.

    Bank threatening to lock the account of the little NFP I used to be on the board of, because they don’t know who I am or where I live.

    Reminded them that I owe them a rather large mortgage, and annual rent on one of their deposit boxes, for which they insist I furnish official proof of identity every time I open it. If they care to write off the mortgage and rent, I am sure we can come to an agreement.

    Just for fun of course, suggested that maybe I can use their argument that they have no idea who the thundering blazes I am, in court, if they sue me for non payment. It’s a classic case of left hand not knowing what the right hand does/computer say no. But just to show you, it’s no better here either.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    WTF, they don’t fact check their “expert’s” Self submitted biographies?

    This from an organisation that cut short Gove in his comment about us being sick of experts, to run him down.

    If I wasn’t wishing my last few years away I would be looking forward to their next, and hopefully not very productive and last, charter renewal in 2017.

  7. I seem to remember they bumped the charter renewal date a couple of years, with the Fixed Term Parliament Act it would mean the renewal would be done in the middle of a Parliament. Now what’s happened with Mrs May getting Parliament to call an election in 2017? Yay! Charter Renewal in the middle of a General Election!

  8. Out of interest I just checked the BBC complains procedure. Yep. Another organisation you can only communicate with on their own bloody webform. And this one limits you to 2000 characters. So they’re limiting the parameters of your complaint and you get no record of your complaint itself.
    In other words, they’re going through the motions..
    My suspicions are that it’s the answers to the questions you have to complete, before you get to the webform, generates the response you’re sent. There’s enough material there to do so. They don’t f****g read the things.

  9. BiS,
    If you don’t have a computer, then you can’t use their web form for complaints. I do have a computer,but they don’t know that, and I won’t tell ’em.
    Handwritten letters, sent by recorded delivery, to the head of the BBC (or other organisation) by name, is my preferred method of complaint.
    A reply, if forthcoming, is always sent by someone working in the relevant department. Ignore that person. Always send any further letters as you did the first, to the head, by name, by recorded delivery. Possibly a slight annoyance to them, but still an annoyance.
    I used to think I was being very clever and witty, until I learned that the late, great, Sir Patrick Moore, had been doing it for years.

  10. I cancelled the BBC license recently. I feel much better. I’m still listening to the Today programme though, which still gets the blood pressure up. Can anyone recommend an alternative?

  11. I had a problem with the British Embassy in Manila. I tried to get my children visitors visas but we’re denied because having a British father they were eligible for ‘right of abode’ ‘which coats a fortune in NHS fees. The only reason I applied for visas was because their passports were taking months to get (although the website said 4-6 weeks). Anyway, i replied and replied to their emails saying just give us the passports back but no reply. Everyone else at the embassy I emailed said they can’t deal with visa issues. My reply: “these aren’t visa issues; THEY’VE BASICALLY STOLEN MY CHILDREN’S PASSPORTS” got no reply. Eventually we got them back after 6 weeks. Calling the embassy got no response.

    Now they have UK passports (after 4.5 months and a grand in getting shit together…they wouldn’t do the video interview in Hong Kong and I had to do last minute flights to Manila)but delaying our trip home cost 1200 quid in flights. Cunts.

  12. They forgot the bit that says “and if you don’t like using websites tough fucking luck. Why don’t you piss off and die?”

  13. @I sneeze in threes August 24, 2019 at 10:52 am

    Quentin Letts @ DM wrote about giving up BBC Today, he switched to R3 and Classic FM

    I stopped ~2010, withdrawal easily trumped by happier start to day.

  14. I’ve a song running through my head:

    Share and Enjoy
    Share and Enjoy
    Journey through life
    With a plastic boy
    Or Girl by your side
    Let your pal be your guide
    And when it breaks down
    Or starts to annoy
    Or grinds when it moves
    And gives you no joy
    Cos it’s eaten your hat
    Or had sex with your cat
    Bled oil on your floor
    Or ripped off your door
    You get to the point
    You can’t stand any more
    Bring it to us, we won’t give a fig
    We’ll tell you, ‘Go stick your head in a pig’.

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