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Relating to how the Festival is killing Edinburgh.

Cancel the festival then.

I’ve got a campaign slogan for you ‘Make Edinburgh Grimsby Again’

Then you’ll all be happy, happy as the residents of Grimsby who do not suffer from such afflictions as vibrant trade and culture.

From Rob H

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  1. Standard leftist whinging.

    The performers are out of pocket? Jeez–charge more and/or reduce overheads.Don’t perform for scrooges who pay peanuts.

    The grass is trampled? In exchange for tourist millions? Look after it better. Use Astroturf strategically and have turf farms producing enough to re-turf as needed.

    This “Underbelly” company are the baddies? Lassiez-Faire takeover in fucking SCOTLAND? Socialist prick loving SCOTLAND? E’burgh council are blameless in all this are they? Get tae fuck as they say up there –or is that Glasgow?

    Too many A&B’s. Fuckwit tourists will pay through the nose. That is hardly a bad thing. I despise socialism but its Scotland so the council turds could set a minimum number of locals who have to be housed at affordable rents in the city centre or the AnB’S get health inspected every week–or whatever other harassment the council coprolites have at their fingertips.

    Just whinging to fill their trash newspaper.

  2. But I do get fed up at the BBC wall-to-wall coverage of the stupid thing. As with Glastonbury, it doesn’t matter much to most of us and those who are interested can go, they are public events, Of course I would make an exception for things I was interested in, if there were such coverage. Which there is not.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    But I do get fed up at the BBC wall-to-wall coverage of the stupid thing.

    Have they shown Andrew Doyle’s show, he asked in vain hope rather than expectation? About the only thing I’ve heard about that’s made me want to go.

  4. I attended the fringe for the first time this year and had a great time. Our Air BNB was a flat which was a small corner of an effing mansion. It was really posh and our little bit of it was bigger than our house. The Keele Drama Society were performing Hangnail, a play written by my daughter, about an up and coming girl rock band. The KDS take a play there every year, they have a budget for it as they expect to make a loss. It is looking as though Hangnail might break even or even show a small profit.

  5. As it is basically an outgrowth of the government, is it really any surprise that the BBC is totally out of touch with its audience? If they had to compete for subscribers it would buck up their ideas a bit.

  6. Yet creative people from all over the world continue to come in the hopes of being spotted and breaking into the big time.

    Indeed. Which is why BBC, ITV, C4, Hat Trick and all the other production and commissioning businesses send spotters. Rory Bremner, Ardle O’Hanlon and Ross Noble examples of the many spotted at Festival Fringe

    As for squares closed they’re lying, it’s the gardens in them; Charlotte Square Gardens are private and never open to public except now when Book Festival is there. George Square Gardens are mostly used by students who are on holiday.

    Finally, it’s only 3-4 weeks in August/September when Edinburgh’s ~50,000 students are away and cafes, pubs, sandwich shops, Lidl, Tesco Express rely on the visitors money filling the gap.

    Alan MacLeod: another po-faced miserabilist Socialist – he supports Chavez/Maduro too

  7. The Edinburgh fringe attracts cunts like shit attracts flies.

    They are cunts. I hate them.

    I work in Edinburgh and they make it unbearable.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    I see we now have a great new example of revealed preference:

    LibDems: Brexit is the biggest existential threat this country has ever known and we must do all we can to defeat it. We need a government of national unity, right now.

    Jeremy Corbyn: I agree, and as leader of Her Majety’s Loyal Opposition (snigger) I will step forward to lead that GNU and ensure no deal Brexit doesn’t happen.

    LibDems: Its not that big a threat.

  9. @bind – i take A’s line – the libdems are cunts, but how cuntish do you have to be (Corbyn) for the libdems to find you unacceptable.

  10. A, you have my deepest sympathy.
    For the Edinboro’Festival
    For having to work in Edinboro’
    For being a Jock
    Deepest. For all of it. It must be a terrible burden.

  11. On the other side, Edinboro’ is consistently regarded as the best city in the UK in which to live, work, appreciate natural beauty and experience culture.

    OK, maybe the weather could be better and the Fringe is a fvcking pain

  12. Do you see the unconscious bias in Alan Macleod’s choice of performer in the photo to show how it’s killing Edinburgh. He is clearly intolerant of alternative lifestyles. Cunt.

  13. Stonyground,
    I’ve got to spend 3 weeks in Edinburgh sometime round Nov… Can you point me to that air-b’n’b listing you snagged, it sounds ideal.

  14. Is A “Alan MacLeod”, sounds like him?


    It’s also UK top rated student location.


    Yep, he also labels her as a Cambridge [Uni], seems to dislike clever people especially if at Oxbridge
    PS addition to

    George Square Gardens and Bristo Square are also privately owned, thus owners can deny access if they want.

    iirc The Meadows, like Princes Street Gardens are a “public good” not public property

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