Dunno about Art Laffer

A bit after 9.30, as I headed up Regent Street to the BBC I thought it may be safe to tweet that I was going on air. The BBC had booked me a hotel for the night by then, as I could not get home after the programme. It seemed it was going ahead.

And then they said Laffer had pulled out. No reason had been given. I could suggest one. He’d learned who his opponent was.

I do know a number of people who refuse to appear on programmes with the Senior Lecturer. Just as the Senior Lecturer has threatened to pull out of a conference if I were to actually speak as I’d been invited to.

Of course, when he does it to me it’s just a spiteful insistence that no one who might show the holes in his arguments be allowed. When others do it to him it’s a righteous insistence that no one’s interested in such a rude man spouting drivel.

But, you know, chacun a son gout.

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  1. I imagine once he found it was Spud, he realised it would be a huge waste of his time. Trying to debate with one so ignorant must be difficult enough, but on the BBC would be doubly difficult – constant interruptions, hectoring tone, soft ball questions to the Spud etc would all conspire to let Ritchie claim he’d ‘won’ the debate.
    I know tossers like Ritchie need to be put in their place but giving them the oxygen of publicity can be counter productive.

  2. I believe that the tiresome tuber is referring to a debate that his spudness had last october with Laffer regarding tax competition which of course he insists he won. No doubt Laffer thought that debating with the Baldrick of tax (he’s got a cunning plan – tax everything not once but twice) would be a waste of time.

  3. The twunt is demanding an apology from them

    I think an apology may be due since I was not told of any family emergency, which does rather explain my framing of the comment.

  4. @gunker – he could write the definite guide to how to lose friends and influence nobody. It’s like he goes out of his way to alienate everyone who has the misfortune to meet him.

  5. Bloke In Westerville

    And then they said Laffer had pulled out. No reason had been given. I could suggest one. He’d learned who his opponent was.

    Actually, I think Murphy has hit the nail on the head. Laffer did find out who is opponent was. From Laffer’s perspective it would be like Manchester City deciding to play Nuneaton Borough. You could do it, but what would be the point?

  6. BiW,

    Not so many years ago we were playing Colchester, Wycombe, York, Chesterfield. The local derby was with Macclesfield Town.

    Their fans seemed to think it was worth it.

  7. what makes Murphy think deserves an apology and an explanation, as it was short notice I bet he didn’t end up out of pocket and if the other person had to pull out for personal reasons it’s debatable if the BBC even has the right to pass that information on to Murphy

  8. Doesn’t he owe Laffer an apology for casting ill-informed aspersions about Laffer’s reasons for not attending that painted Laffer in a bad light.

    Not the first time Murph has jumped in to slur someone without knowing the facts.


  9. Sooner or later Murphy insults everyone.

    It’s worth making sure whoever he insults gets to know of it.

  10. I see Emily Maitlis has slapped Ritchie down on Twitter

    ‘Gosh. What a shame to frame it this way. As you know, We had Arthur Laffer booked- he of the laffer curve. He pulled out last minute due to family emergency – and we pulled the debate rather than leave it unbalanced. I wonder why you’d choose to distort this?’

    I hope this means that Ritchie won’t be getting another invite.

  11. BiG, them were the days. Sitting in the Kippax watching the likes of York City, Wigan Athletic, Macclesfield and Stockport plus some of the worst players in my living memory to ever step onto the Maine Road pitch.

    The football genius that was Alan Ball and Buster Phillips – the first 10m pound player according to the squeaky one. Last seen at Torquay United retiring from football in 2007 due to chronic fatigue syndrome.

    “There’s only one Barry Conlon” – thank fuck for that.

  12. @ Sam Jones I’d love to see the twatter thread but he blocked me many moons ago. The man is an unbridled cunt of the highest order. A thoroughly rotten human being with absolutely no redeeming features (or so it seems from the image he actively projects of himself in public). You have to wonder what type of mental illness he suffers from to keep doing this to himself. The twat.

  13. Sam Jones:

    On a more lighthearted level, my blog on what I might have said was read well over 10,000 times yesterday. And I passed 50,000 twitter followers as a result. There are always upsides.

    49 999 of those Twitter followers will come to the conclusion that he is a absolute cunt.

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