Esther, that’s not the point

Dame Esther Rantzen says Skype won’t combat loneliness of elderly like a hug and cuppa

And a hug and a cuppa doesn’t cure it as well as staying all afternoon.

Thus that’s not actually the question. Rather, does Skype aid in curing loneliness compared to no Skype?

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  1. Things like forums and online support groups are great as well. I thing that the internet will make a massive difference to the lives of the next generation of oldies.

    I think that the plural of forum is actually fora but using it makes me look like a pretentious pillock.

  2. For some, it’s a godsend, just as an Amazon Echo or Google Hub is.

    Why are people never satisfied with technology and what it can offer? Why must they always point out the faults?

  3. “Curing loneliness”???

    I doubt that anything ‘cures loneliness’.

    Helps one to deal with loneliness, perhaps.

  4. Do I sense an echo from the past here? I understand that the old hag was told that setting up Childline did not give her a free pass to remind people that like everyone at the BBC she was aware of the bonus prize offered to many in the course of Jim’ll Fix It.

  5. Grist–There was no outcry about Savile’s supposed antics at the BBC because there were none. That is why nobody said anything cos there was nothing to say anything about.

    That later marxcist-femminist liars lit up a huge bonfire of –entirely uninvestigated*–bullshit does not change that.

    * By “investigated” I mean an actual attempt to uncover truth looking for facts evidence etc–as it used to exist. Not Dame BS listening to tall tales and attempting to decide which might be true–which is the nearest Marxism gets to actual investigation.

  6. Mr Ecks
    True. As I am sure you know, the allegations about Savile at the BBC usually place the making of certain programmes in entirely the wrong buildings. They usually have programmes like Top of the Pops and Jim L’Fix It being made at BBC Television Centre when, at the time, they were made at Lime Grove and the Shepherds Bush Theatre.
    This is not a trivial mistake. They were very different buildings and you might think that people who had been abused might have some idea which building they were in. Even without the abuse, a visit to a TV recording would have been one of the highlights of their childhoods.
    Why did they pick BBC Television Centre? Because it was an iconic building, visually very striking and, as such featured frequently in BBC programmes of the 1960s and 70s. The other two buildings were far less prominent and the average viewer would be barely, if at all, aware of their existence. Most viewers would have casually thought that all BBC TV programmes were made at Television Centre.

  7. Multiple people with loneliness? Put them together.
    A skype call, a phone call, a 20 minute visit twice a week is not going to end loneliness.

  8. @Ecks and JS.

    That would seem to be the case.

    A retired barrister, the late Susanne Nundy – blogging as “Anna Raccoon” – did a considerable amount of research into Savile and the claims made against him. Most, if not all, were easily disprovable with about ten minutes’ of investigation, ie they were a load of bollards made up by those with their eyes on the possibility of “compo”, aided and abetted by ambulance-chasing lawyers.

    After her death, her work was archived by some friends and her husband/partner, and can be found at

    Fascinating reading, especially for those who are officianados of “the madness of crowds”.

  9. @Martin… In a former existance I was a Samaritan. Many of the calls we received were from lonely little old men and lonely little old women – they weren’t suicidal, just lonely.

    I suggested to “management” that what we should do is, with their permission, give the phone numbers of the little old men to the little old women and let them get on with it.

    My suggestion was vetoed on the grounds that “we are not a dating agency”.. 🙂

  10. @ Saville.
    It is my recollection that during the 90s every news outlet was either tapping phones, or using the results of someone else’s tapping. Think of the published conversations between Charles, Dianna and their respective paramours.
    Then the BBC started a moral panic about phone tapping, particularly by the Murdoch press, resulting in the loss of the NoW. Notwithstanding that the BBC had used the products of phone tapping in the past.
    The.moral panic about Seville and various other BBC regulars started after that, and had the effect of taking the heat off Mudoch and applying it to the BBC.
    This may be coincidence. Or it.May not.

  11. Sell your house and move to where there’s lots of other old people. Go somewhere like Calne, Devizes or Taunton.

    There’s so many old people in these places that you get an economy that caters to them and social groups for them.

  12. Pat–Not thought of that one before. It could easily be part of a larger spectrum.

    Treason May started as HS just prior to the Savile kick-off and I reckon that her desire for self-aggrandisement played a part in the whole caper. A bonus for the bitch was that she also served the Marxist-femmist BlueLabour poison that fills up the space in her where an ordinary human would have a heart. Tho’ likely she is not bright enough to see or understand the marxist roots of the femmi-shite she loves.

  13. @BaronJackfield: well, just spent a very pleasant hour reading through some of Anna’s greatest hits, and the comments from people i no longer see around the Interwebs anymore, like Bandini, Blocked Dwarf, Cascadian and suffolkgirl.

  14. @ M’Lud Jackfield: thanks for the Anna Raccoon link. I’d forgotten how conclusive her argument against most of the Saville stuff was.

  15. Yes, Anna Raccoon did a great job and initially took an interest in the Savile affair, because she herself was at Duncroft School, the source of the original accusations and knew that the way the school was characterized was nonsense.

    I think that it’s also worth pointing out that the whole circus really took off after the scale of Islamic grooming became known.
    Of course that wasn’t the only reason the story expanded to the extent it did, but it certainly helped to deflect attention by implying that non-Muslim men were just as bad..

    If that desire for a distraction seems far-fetched, see also the white sex offenders who were conveniently tried all at the same time in Derby. The press pushed the idea that they were an equivalent non-Muslim grooming gang, when they didn’t know each other and there was no connection.

  16. Bloke in Costa Rica

    My mother and I know full well that our weekly Skype sessions materially contribute to her mental well-being. Our only regret is that we didn’t have the bandwidth to support it while my father was alive.

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