Et Tu Telegraph?

Arson killed found guilty after 16-years on the run

Apparently the people killed by the arson have now been found guilty.

A man who spent 16-years on the run after petrol bombing a family home during a bitter feud has been found guilty of the murders of eight people including five children.

Ah, no, rather we’ve the work experience kid writing the headlines.

8 thoughts on “Et Tu Telegraph?”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    …his sister Shahida had become involved in a relationship with a man of whom he did not approve.

    However, the Telegraph can still knock together a decent relative clause.

  2. So, the government has hoiked this charmer back from Pakistan and now we’re on the hook to the tune of £50,000 a year to look after him in prison?

    Where’s a drone strike when you need one.

  3. ‘A man who spent 16-years on the run after petrol bombing . . . the murders of eight people’

    Shouldn’t he get a light sentence for not using a gun?

  4. I’ve seen this and other butche’rs hyphens getting more and more common. Proof to me that you have to prove that you have failed all and every possible English language test before being allowed to work for our esteemed press.

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