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Most concerning of all, however, to the Corporate Accountability Network is the fact that this change of heart by the leaders of American business, whilst welcome, includes no suggestion as to how these new priorities will be evidenced or how they will be reported upon. The Corporate Accountability Network believes that unless corporate accounting is reformed so that businesses must report to all their stakeholders then words such as these will be largely meaningless. Our aims is to ensure that the accounts of limited companies are available to all who want to view them, and in a format that might supply them with the information that they need to understand the activities that it undertakes from the user’s perspective as a stakeholder of the company.

Replace “CAN” and “Corporate Accountability Network” with “I, Spud!” – so also “our” and you’ve about got it.

5 thoughts on “Find and replace”

  1. So he not only wants to completely change UK accounting, but US accounting, and he is fucked off that American bosses aren’t paying attention to some fat bloke in Ely?

  2. Dennis, Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    Does anyone really think that corporate CEOs are going to forego profits? They may want to, but earnings are where the rubber meets the road in the Real World.

    This is about a bunch of CEOs wanting to signal their virtue, and nothing more. The likes of Tim Cook and Jamie Dimon would shoot their mothers in search of profits, which, quite frankly, is exactly what you want in a CEO. The fact that they aren’t particularly eager to advertise that sort of fact has more to do with the Roundtable announcement than anything else.

    And of course, Murphy takes it all so seriously…

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