George Monbiot is against evolution now

And almost nothing has been learned. Our disease prevention rules, whose scope is restricted by the European Union and the World Trade Organization, and whose enforcement is restricted by the British government’s austerity, do little to prevent similar plagues afflicting our remaining trees. Several deadly pathogens are marching across Europe. While it is hard to prevent some of these plagues from spreading across land, there is a simple measure that would stop most of them from spreading across water: a ban on the import of all live plants except those grown from tissue cultures, in sterile conditions.

Natural selection – this must be stopped!

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  1. @ Roué le Jour

    I like watching the Aussie customs documentaries.

    Asian couple have ticked ‘no’ on the document about bringing foodstuffs into Australia.

    Their suitcase is full of rotting beans, putrefying lizards and live insects.

    They object when fined.


  2. ‘While it is hard to prevent some of these plagues from spreading across land, there is a simple measure that would stop most of them from spreading across water:.. ‘

    Because the spores from plant diseases cannot blow across water, just land. Or bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, mould, cannot get on footwear, clothes, vehicle tyres, birds, animal fur and be transported.

    It is a feature of environmentalists that they do not actually understand biology, the environment, nature, any science or indeed much at all outside the world inside their head. History has shown, if you have religion you have no need of science.

  3. @ John B
    It is remarkable how much science as we know it depends upon the research of Anglican vicars and theology students in past centuries. And that does not include Newton.
    Superstition is a deterrent to scientific research.

  4. “And that does not include Newton.”

    Newton was given a special dispensation not to take holy orders. Onaccounta being the cleverest bugger who ever lived, though it doubtless wasn’t phrased quite like that.

  5. I was highly amused when I found out that Newton actually spent more of his time studying and practising alchemy than maths or physics, though this has been (perhaps conveniently) forgotten.

    I think that he died quite a rich man, so maybe he found something that none of the others did..! 🙂

  6. Baron
    He was governor of the Royal Mint.
    And he would have died a lot richer if he’d not invested in the South Sea Company.

  7. @philip… Has anyone checked to see if our gold reserves increased massively whilst he was governor? 🙂

  8. Its weird that the Green nutters are very much against ‘foreign’ species of plants and animals, but when it comes to humans……………

  9. @ dearieme
    I was given to understand that Newton was given a professorship (by whatever name it had) in mathematics when his predecessor was promoted to Professor of Theology.

  10. @ Baron Jackfield
    The Royal Mint turns gold and silver into coins.
    Unfortunately Alchemy cannot turn base metals into gold except in the death throes of a neutron star – it can turn gold into a base metal (iron) so practising alchemy would be a way to make a very rich man poor.

  11. So Moonbat hows about stopping the importation of people carrying various ailments such as Tb from third world shitholes or the even deadlier virus of 7th century religion? What ? That’s different?

  12. One of the best Science Fiction of the last 10 years is a quintology by John C. Wright “Count to Eschaton” whereby our hero learn of entropy at a young age and vowed to conquer it. Many billion years later (at least 26), he was given the opportunity at the universe’s end and the Great Machine was completed.

  13. @ BigFire
    The writer is presumably too young to have read Isaac Asimov’s short story that starts with someone asking an *Analogue* computer “Can entropy be reversed?” and ends, after several repetitions of the question to increasingly powerful computers and the eventual decay of the universe with the last and greatest computer saying “Let there be light”.

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