Good God, I agree with Noel Gallagher

Lately, he has been enraging remainers – of which he is one – by saying: “There’s only one fucking thing worse than a fool who voted for Brexit, and that’s the rise of the cunts trying to get the vote overturned.”

“And people started calling me a Nazi!” he says. “I thought: ‘Really? A member of the Third Reich?’ Look, I think it’s ridiculous that we’re leaving. None of us were even qualified to vote. You ask a guy above a chippy in Bradford if we should leave Europe. ‘Yeah!’ But I still think if there’s a second referendum, as a nation, we’ll never recover. We have to come out because, no matter how ill-informed people were, you’re saying to them their vote doesn’t count. And its symptomatic of shutting people’s opinions down.”

Not on the being a Remoaner of course, but on the once the vote’s been taken bit…..

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  1. That “not even qualified to vote” comment really tells us everything we need to know about this fellow, no? Because the same logic means no one is qualified to vote on much of anything. And if that’s the case …

  2. You ask a guy above a chippy in Bradford if we should leave Europe.

    Rent a flat above a shop
    Cut your hair and get a job
    Smoke some fags and play some pool
    Pretend you never went to school

    Who should we ask though? Michael Gove was partially right about “experts”, he just didn’t go far enough.

    The reason nobody trusts “experts” anymore isn’t due to inverse intellectual snobbery, it’s because they can see the “experts” are full of pish. They’re an insular class of metropolitan wankers inhaling each other’s flatus and declaring it wisdom.

    As the Brexit vote proved – how many of the various apocalypses predicted by experts have come to pass?

    The guy above the chippy probably isn’t educated enough to believe crazy edifices of intellectual bullshit. He probably also doesn’t believe a whole bunch of other nonsensical things the chattering classes have talked themselves into believing, hence the fear and loathing of British democracy.

    I voted for Brexit to make Britpop great again. Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as…

  3. How can he think that people who voted to leave are fools when he also states that “none if us were qualified to vote”, which must include himself?

    If he’s not qualified to have an opinion how can he know that voting one way was foolish?

  4. ‘We have to come out because, no matter how ill-informed people were, you’re saying to them their vote doesn’t count.’

    This HAS happened. It has been over 3 years since you voted out. The guy in Bradford knows his government has openly and notoriously lied to him.

  5. Steve,

    Parklife reference absolutely brilliant.

    I’m not sure that I accept that I’m a fool relative to Noel Gallagher, in fact I’m pretty sure that, by any measure, despite my voting for Brexit, I’m very much his intellectual superior.

  6. Hmm,

    I thought we were all perfectly qualified to vote and the result was to be respected eith earnestness and solemnity. I have that in writing.

    But then I proved what a moron I was by not doing what was expected.

    Smarter than those who asked aren’t we?

  7. No one of us is qualified to make the decision- absolutely true.
    No one, not Cameron, not Boris, not Brown, not Blair, not Clegg, no-one.
    But collectively we are. The wisdom of crowds determined by a democratic process is the best known way of solving political questions. Except when that wisdom can be determined by a market.

  8. Slight nitpick- Noel was from Oasis, Parklife was Blur and Steve was quoting Pulp (Common People)

  9. Off topic but I see that while every mass killing by an Islamist nut-job is no one’s fault at all, especially not Islam, every mass killing by a white supremacist is Trump’s fault. This is because he ‘encourages’ white supremacist as exemplified by his statement in which he condemned “racism, hatred and white supremacy” in an address following mass shootings that left 29 dead in Texas and Ohio.

    And as others have pointed out, Guardian articles shrieking that attacks by white supremacists have killed 150 or so in the last 8 years seem somewhat tame compared to the 500+ killed in the name of Islam in the last 30 days.

  10. ‘Michael Gove was partially right about “experts”’.

    I am an expert; that is to say there are subjects on which I am expert. I took no offence at Gove’s remark because it was aimed at faux-experts – people who claim expertise where none exists, or who claim to be able to predict the future, or whose record of past predictions is so abysmal that even if an expertise existed it was clear that they didn’t command it.

    I still remember the 364 expert economists who, I suspect, wanted their letter to be signed by one economist for each day of the year but failed to add up properly. Shoulda paid more attention in primary school.

  11. I like the bloke who evidently asked, “Shall we get a fully qualified expert in or fuck it up ourselves?”

  12. Is Noel the brother with the slightly less punchable face, who also occasionally exhibits a sense of humour?

  13. DocBud – I love that song, it should be our national anthem after the Ecksian Revolution.

    Andy – My wife asked me to stop playing Oasis songs in the car…

    I said maybe.

    Dearieme – Yarp, I don’t think it’s a criticism of people who are actually subject matter boffins with detailed technical knowledge of their field and whose advice is based on substance rather than argument from authority.

    Pat – I reckon Noel is making the common mistake of confusing intelligence with wisdom.

    But there’s no correlation between the two. I was reading about a Harvard law professor recently who managed to lose his family home over a paternity scam played on him by a plain Jane lezzer and a low-effort tranny. It’s astonishing stuff, worth a 10m read to see just how stupid our betters can be –

    And we fondly remember the time Oliver Letwin invited a couple of burglars into his toilet.

    A guy who lives above a chippy and drives a white van to work would never fall for that sort of shit, so why do we continue to assume that people who are clever enough to talk themselves into believing absurdities are somehow better equipped to make political decisions?

    Even dogs know communism is bad – just try taking a juicy steak away from a doberman and see what he thinks about redistribution. But Balliol College educated Seumas Milne is clever enough to convince himself socialism will definitely work next time.

  14. We are all qualified to make the decision, on account that we are UK citizens entitled to vote. Exactly the same qualification as those who voted to go into Europe in the referendum of 1975.

  15. @Steve

    I remember being in a restaurant where “Oasis soup” was on the menu. I ordered it. Tasted ok but I couldn’t understand the name so called the waiter over.

    “Why is it called Oasis soup? ” I asked

    “Well”, the waiter explained, “you got a roll with it”.

  16. @Rob August 5, 2019 at 5:12 pm

    We are all qualified to make the decision, on account that we are UK citizens entitled to vote. Exactly the same qualification as those who voted to go into Europe in the referendum of 1975.

    Then, like now, the Europhile politicians, experts and msm lied about their real plan.

    imo if internet had been around then we’d have voted No due to easy access to information

  17. there never was a referendum to enter the eec, which was a decision by Ted Heath abysmal government in 1973. In 1975 a referendum to STAY in the union was was passed 66/33. I feel that the case for was that the union seemed to limit the adoption of marxist socialism as the eec was essentially a market based organisation. Despite that I voted NO as, even then, the undemocratic oligarchic nature of its structure was obvious. Perhaps hungover from 1933, the people can NEVER be allowed to decide!

  18. I left school at sixteen with a handful of qualifications and became an engineer via an apprenticeship. But I never stopped learning. I read constantly, mostly non fiction, about all kinds of subjects. I know a fair bit of history and how democracy came into existence and was emulated through much of the world. I know about how it had to be fought for when those in power succeeded in abolishing it by shaving away people’s rights bit by bit. I know about the Freethought movement and how they campaigned for freedom of religion and for free speech. I could go on, but just because I get my hands dirty and live in an ex council house semi, don’t assume that I am an ignoramus who isn’t qualified to make a decision about not wanting to be ruled by the corrupt leeches of the EU.

  19. I should add that I know enough about physics to know that you can’t save electricity by using a low powered kettle.

  20. Re: Pcar August 5, 2019 at 7:06 pm “imo if internet had been around then we’d have voted No due to easy access to information”

    Very Informative:

    This Sceptic Isle – Peter Hitchens (2005)

    Lack of information covered, pre Ref Remain campaign majority was Leave


    Yes, ref was Leave/Remain – my and your No was No to remain

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