He’s amazingly perceptive you know

Third, Boris was a facto. Wait until fuel prices increase in the next week or so and then see whether that remains the case, because he will be the sole reason for that.

Fuel prices are going to rise.

Oil prices plunged by more than 8 percent immediately after the news, pushing WTI below $55 per barrel and Brent down to $61.

An 8% drop in the USD price of oil is greater or lesser than the change in the value of the GDP against the USD?

Fuel prices are therefore going to do what?

8 thoughts on “He’s amazingly perceptive you know”

  1. I’m lost here. I thought in spudworld oil was bad and needed to be priced out of existence and that he also believed that oil reserves were basically not worth taking out of the ground. Now he’s complaining that he thinks rising (though actually falling) prices are a bad thing ?

  2. Or as a recent govt report has shown locally the price at the pump and the price per barrel aren’t well linked (isn’t it funny how prices go up for a long weekend) and refineries use all sorts of excuses to price gouge. The best one was the common claim of short supply when the refineries had exported fuel outside the province for 4 of the last 5 years so obviously had a surplus. The other fun claim they used was shortage due to maintenance and here they meant planned maintenance when enquiry showed they stockpiled in advance as part of the planned maintenance shutdowns as any rational business would.
    So will refineries take account that they can use Boris as an excuse to put up prices and squeeze out a little more profit, wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Also wouldn’t surprise me that companies are holding off on price increases until November so they can blame Brexit for it.

  3. @ Rob
    Of course he would – the weather is due to “Global Warming” (or “Climate Change” when it’s raining) and Boris was born in the USA so it must be his fault.

  4. Cut the tax on fuel–solves that quick enough–even if the fat cunt’s lies reflected any reality.

    And lets abolish VAT the instant we are out.

  5. @ grist – he’s still got a few cards to play

    Choose from the following (or all) he’s actually a woman trapped in a man’s body , he’s gay, he’s a muslim, he’s a vegan, he’s disabled, he’s transracial ( coloured but trapped in a white body, he’s an eco warrior and whatever the current fad is de jour.

    Take your pick and mix

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