However, the travestis’ understanding of themselves is quite different from the model we’re familiar with. As the anthropologist Don Kulick writes in his ethnography, the travesti do not accept the western trans narrative: “What is evident in travesti talk about transsexuals is their firm conviction that one can never change sex … Not only do sex-change operations not produce women, and not only do they rob one of all possibility of experiencing sexual pleasure, travestis believe, but they also invariably result in insanity.”

Kulick quotes one travesti who insists that, if you are born with a penis, then “you are a man and you will die a man.” In the West, statements like these would be enough to get someone banned from Twitter or even investigated by the police, as is becoming increasingly common in the UK.

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  1. Always surprised how the LGBT+ movement gets a free pass on its claims to universalism, when it’s got a very culturally and historically specific set of beliefs about gender and sexuality.

    Within even the last few decades the trans movement has changed a lot, particularly whether bodies are “actually” male/female or just misaligned with brain/personality, as the article points out. In the late 20th century, gay liberation movements steered deliberately away from the likes of NAMBLA/PIE, but doing so cut off an explicitly pro-pederasty perspective of same-sex sexuality that André Gide and others argued for – which was a major strand of gay thought and practice in the early 20th century and late 19th century, but now more convenient to forget about. Not everybody lines up happily under the LGBT+ banner, with radical feminist lesbians trying to “get the L out” because of their disagreements with the T, but there are plenty more groups trying to fit their agenda under the banner hence the ever-widening “plus” (kinksters, polyamorists and so on). Just as LGBT+ looks different now compared to its fairly recent past, I’ll bet it looks quite different again in 20 or 50 years’ time.

    So what gives with the claims of the present-day LGBT+ perspective being somehow timeless and universal? Sexual practices of ancient Greece don’t actually slot seamlessly into modern archetypes, don’t think there’s evidence of self-identification as “gay” for example, nor do “third gender” minorities around the world today necessarily perceive themselves in anything like the way a modern Western trans activist does. Yet LGBT+ proponents seem keen to co-opt almost any sexual or gender minority from geography or history as an example of their agenda. I guess the purpose of it is to demonstrate to us all how “normal” they are, but to me what it shows most clearly is that human are always and everywhere spectacularly diverse. Modern LGBT+ is one very particular example of that. It doesn’t make sense to cobble all these other groups into it as if they are part of the same coalition, indeed it requires almost deliberate misunderstanding of those people’s own history, culture and perspectives to do so.

  2. “Since the age of six, she has been publicly identified as a transgender child”

    Who by?

    This may not end well…

    “Aged fifteen, Jennings gave an interview to Cosmopolitan magazine, in which she spoke about the source of this fascination: “A lot of transgender individuals are attracted to mermaids and I think it’s because they don’t have any genitals, just a beautiful tail.”

    Why bother to switch genitals then?

  3. I’ve come in contact with more than a few travestis from S.America & I’d certainly recognise what’s said in that quote. They don’t seem to regard themselves as anything but men. From what I gather, mostlysexually fully functional men. If I wanted to classify them, it’d be bi’s who prefer to be attractive in a female context rather than a male. Sort of an amalgam of the two sexes. The girls seen to concur. One of them because they share much the same interests & are competing in the same market.. But with different fundamental equipment.
    S’pose that’s why I’m so hostile to the NiV version of transex which seems to be based on lies & compulsory fantasy. Mental illness rampant.

  4. It is no surprise that people who are part of a cultural tradition of behaving/living in a certain way have a far more sensible attitude to life than the dogmatic intersectional mentalists thrown up by the decline of Western Civilisation.

  5. Not only do sex-change operations not produce women, and not only do they rob one of all possibility of experiencing sexual pleasure, travestis believe, but they also invariably result in insanity.

    Very sensible bunch of people, these travestis. Although, with regard to the last part of that statement, they may have cause and effect mixed up.,,

  6. You do, increasingly, seem to be drifting towards the more American alt-right attitude towards those who are transgender. I hope it’s not for funding reasons.

    For transparency I am an ex-military officer (25 years), senior engineer with a multinational (15 years), transgender – and not insane – to the best of my knowledge.

  7. “. . . people assigned male at birth . . .

    Christ, even Wikipedia is doing it.

    By my lights these travesti have it right – there’s sex and there’s gender and the two are not the same. You can be born male (or female) and take on the gender role of a woman (or man). But your sex doesn’t change with your gender identity.

    85% of the bullshit surrounding transgenders in the West would just go away if these people could accept that.

  8. @Josephine August 14, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    Alt-Right? Nope, I’m Real Conservative (not Blu-Lab) and I’m a Goth Biker Petrol Head in leisure time; anything is fine, but don’t force me to like, love, respect anything as I will rebel

    Cheers, x264-Pcar

    @Agammamon August 15, 2019 at 7:05 pm


    If I was living/dressed as a woman/T-Girl (not female) I’d be a lesbian.

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