Social worker suspended after telling female colleague ‘I like a nice set of baps’ while looking through her shopping basket

One wonders

“He spoke to her about watching pornography of women of her size, saying that it turned him on and he had been having a good time.

“Colleague A was embarrassed and raised her hands to indicate that he should stop talking like that.

Perhaps he advice should be don’t lift your chat up lines from those sorts of movies?

19 thoughts on “Hmmmm”

  1. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Chat up lines straight out of Viz comic by the sounds of things.

    “Mind pet, ya don’t sweat much fer a fat lass.”

  2. I get this vicariously. Guy who does it in his office, then tells me all about the Top ten double entendre of the week when I see him. Apparently the entire office absolutely love it (and therefore him i assume). I have my doubts. I also don’t think its much of sexual harrasement thing, its more like bloody annoying if you don’t find it as absolutely free pissing hilarious as they do.

  3. If all that happened was the line about baps then he should be re-instated and she should be fired without compo. To Hell with humourless cows.

    If he had been talking a load of shite about porno films he has watched then he is a fool too dim to judge the character of the female he is talking to. There can always be a surprise but sustained time with women in an office will tell you which are good to laugh and witch are po-faced cows. The entire thing should have been settled by the boss tearing him off a strip with her present for her bit of “revenge”. Official antics however is equal doing the dirty work of marxism so both she and the boss should get the sack.

  4. I suspect his suspension had more to do with:

    It was heard he also got ‘aroused’ in another incident, when he touched he breast again and told her they “didn’t disappoint'”.

    He was actually groping women. Sexpest.

  5. With the single global exception of MrsBud, all social workers are radical lefties, this was never going to end well.

  6. Seriously, did they deliberately hire the only straight male who was too dim to realize the consequences of such behaviour, especially in this context, just so they could fire him?

  7. DocBud: “So why illustrate the article with a picture of hotdog rolls instead of baps?”

    If someone with a hotdog wishes to identify as somone with baps then stop oppressing xem, bigot.

  8. Maritime Barbarian

    Decades ago in my office, a lady opened her bag and took out a pear.
    And yes, I remarked: “Look, Jackie’s got out a lovely pear!”.
    A Carry On joke originally.
    She was a good sport and laughed with us.
    But I might not dare to say that now.

  9. MB – Depends on the workplace and the girl.

    I do enjoy a bit of banter with the middle aged naughty missuses at work (they’re a lot more sexually suggestive than any man), but I’ve been informed the Millennials don’t like being told something is “gay” (as in retarded, I’ve got nothing against bumlords).

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