How’s Alberto’s life insurance looking?

Argentines were stunned in mid-August when the centre-left candidate Alberto Fernández won the national primary elections for the presidency, surpassing all predictions with a whopping 15-point lead over the incumbent Mauricio Macri. The primaries, known as the “PASO”, serve to winnow down the number of presidential candidates, with a 1.5% vote share required to progress to the general elections on October 27.

Fernández’s victory on August 11 came just three months after Argentina’s former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s shock announcement that she would run as his vice-president, having asked him to lead her electoral ticket.

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  1. Not sure how the Argentinian constitution works but perhaps he can just conveniently resign over a health / personal / family / scandalous matter. Or be fitted up for some corruption charge or another, though I’m not sure if they get immunity over there. Killing seems a bit excessive when other options are available. Would not surprise me massively if there had been an agreement to split the term half and half, say.

  2. “ I’m not sure if they get immunity over there. ”

    Oh absolutely – that’s why Kirchner is on the ticket and desperate to be VP.

    She is not the power she used to be. I don’t know if Fernandez is his own man or not, but definitely many if not most of the Peronists are no longer taking orders from her. Many of them actually worked with Macri actually – it’s not really a unified philosophy these days, more of a nostalgia brand.

    I’m continually staggered by the ability of Argentines to vote in economic disasters. But in a weird way the economy is almost set up to run that way – it’s staggering how offshored it is – and Macri was not a lucky President despite really trying to do the right thing.

  3. @Tim W

    OT [H/T] News

    A very fast and strong pro Remain rebuttal of yesterday’s Sunday Times front page headline story (not article)

    Sunday Times Yellow Hammer Report Out of Date & Wrong on Gibraltar – August 18, 2019
    (Gib Gov so angry with ST they write and release statement on a Sunday)

    Leaked Brexit Papers Accused of Scaremongering the Public – Remain’s Project Hysteria

    We’ve already had “Gove’s run out of water” claim debunked, is “Run out of air, gravity, sunlight” coming soon?

    An upcoming class action suit against Aviva etc?

    Climate Action 100+ is a group of more than 360 investors with more than $34tn (£28tn) in assets under management.

    The men and women who control trillions of dollars’ worth of assets are flexing their muscles. And as shareholders they are in a position to put pressure on companies to do the right thing…

    The ASA’s puritanical ban spree is a flagrant assault on free speech

    CNN: UK Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Volkswagen ads banned for gender stereotyping

    CNN is Left, PC, Woke; but sees this as OTT

    ASA Woman “The ads were ‘Harmful’, ‘Offensive’ and ‘Distressing’ ”

    CNN: “Does anyone remember laughter?”

    Don’t bother watching BBC as they edited ads – without informing viewers – to make them look as bad as they could and defended ASA

    Banned VW eGolf Commercial
    Banned Philadelphia TV Commercial

    2005 Liberals kept £2.4m in stolen money and the Electoral Commission OK’d that

    But they said the £2.4 million payment, made via his firm, Fifth Avenue Partners Ltd, should have been rejected by the party.

    The Electoral Commission is incurably biased. As is ASA

    Edited Repost as too many urls

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