Interesting number, isn’t it?

Measles vaccines alone have prevented around 21m deaths worldwide since the turn of the millennium

Presumably that’s calculated by using the historic incidence times child population. But it’s still one hell of a number in only 19 years.

Brings home how common those little white coffins were in times past.

7 thoughts on “Interesting number, isn’t it?”

  1. “But it’s still one hell of a number in only 19 years.”

    You’re presuming they actually mean ‘millennium and not century – and got the right century.

    Or even the right millennium.

    Its a ‘professional publication – I wouldn’t give them the benefit of the doubt.

  2. “Brings home how common those little white coffins were in times past.”

    And will be again Tim with eco-freak scum on the job. Don’t forget their Agenda–one billion techno-peasants getting up at 2 am to service the windmill and 300 mil “elite” of Pol Toynbee types who still live in the 21st century. Well that’s the plan. Prob won’t work out quite so well as the globos hope.

    Except ordinary oiks won’t be able to afford the white coffins–or probably even a blanket to wrap the poor little buggers in.

    PS-An Ebola scare in Holland yesterday–there is a Congo epidemic. The ecos have to get rid of 6 billion excess-to-their-requirement plebs. A pandemic of folks dissolving before your eyes might do it. Just sayin’.

  3. Ebola isn’t really weaponisable. If it were it would be wiping out entire countries at every epidemic, not picking off a few people in a few villages in places with no ability to handle the infected. The odd airport case isn’t going to result in the deaths of millions of Europeans.

  4. We’ve replaced the millions of little coffins tended by weeping parents with millions of hospital waste bags carted anonymously and ignominiously to the incinerator. Don’t think there’s a vaccine for that.

  5. Big coffins, too. My mother’s home town was hit with small pox epidemics twice in the early 1900s. Literally decimated the population. Twice.

  6. World Bank says there are 2Bn people in the world under 14 (okay 1.958Bn), so 21M saved is a reduction of 1% in the death rate. Actually a little less – but I couldn’t find a quick reference for population under 19, so the base is a little understated.

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