Isn’t this a vote of confidence in a female leader

Argentina’s embattled peso plunged another 20pc and stocks dropped 10pc after polls suggested former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner may return to power, this time as running mate of leading candidate Alberto Fernandez.

Nice proof that markets are forward looking – also, that the EMH is correct.

5 thoughts on “Isn’t this a vote of confidence in a female leader”

  1. I take your point, though Kirchner is a known quantity, having fucked up their economy before. The Commissar and his dopey boss are still at the hobgoblins in the night scaring kiddies stage, with an unknown but potentially horrific effect.

  2. Surely this is great news for Argentina as it will make their exports more competitive. Vide argument for why the current trajectory of the pound is great news.

  3. @BiG

    Well yes, if the exchange rates were set by international agreement or capricious deities and they had announced, in conjunction with the other news, a 20pc rise in the peso then we’d be saying Argentina is even more screwed…

  4. On another thread today, the wise stewardship of a male leader promising a massive government spending program is being hailed as the country’s currency declines by 20%.

    On this thread, the idiot incompetence of a female leader promising a massive goventment spending program and tax cuts is being condemned as the country’s currency declines by 20%.

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