It’ll be fun to see Willy Hutton work on this

No upside surprise in Germany. Real GDP fell by 0.1% q-o-q in Q2, decelerating from a 0.4% rise in Q1.

Willy uses a recession in England to say England must be more like Germany. Will he use a recession in Germany to argue that England must be less like Germany?

3 thoughts on “It’ll be fun to see Willy Hutton work on this”

  1. No.
    The guilt is assumed. The problem to be identified. The torturous logic that locates the blame with us becomes tomorrows article

  2. “He will either ignore it or blame Brexit. His readers cannot cope with more complexity than that”

    Bill Mitchell (he of MMT bent) has an interesting post up on his blog about Germany at the moment – how they have bet the export farm on China and the US, and how any downturn in those two will disproportionately hit German GDP.

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