Jeez, this is getting ridiculous about trans

In The Guardian, a reminder:

On the issue of gender bias, Oliver cited numerous studies in which women were statistically misdiagnosed; a 2017 study found that women were less likely than men to be referred for knee replacements; another found that women over 50 and critically ill were less likely to receive life-saving interventions. This can be attributed, Oliver said, in part to dismissal of women’s pain as hormonal emotions, and a long history of studying male (as in assigned male at birth) bodies as a stand-in for all bodies.


22 thoughts on “Jeez, this is getting ridiculous about trans”

  1. Women get fewer knee replacements because they are, on average, lighter than men and thus do less damage to knee joints over a lifetime.

    Oh, did I just make a gender-based assumption there?

  2. This just makes me want to gender bias all the more. Think I’ll nip outside and give a random woman a damn good mansplaining.

    By the way, I’m confused by John Oliver’s ostentatious autoflagellation as a soi-disant “white man”, because he looks like an anthropomorphised talking rat from the Island of Dr Moreau. I keep expecting Marlon Brando to appear and mumble something while proudly patting Oliver on the head eating a sandwich. Them Fabian eugenicists really knew their onions.

    “because there is a huge disparity in life expectancy between black and white Americans, particularly black men”.

    This is true, and yet black people from all over the world keep trying to get into America. Why are noble Nigerians, Kenyans and Somalis leaving behind the glories of Wakandan civilisation to live in the White Supremacist States of AmeriKKKa?

    It’s a real puzzler.

    This “mortality gap” has numerous factors, Oliver explained

    I bet he didn’t.

    Second, Sykes said, “we need more non-white doctors in actual hospitals


  3. “Combining data on survival and average costs, we calculated expected costs of hospital admission over the life course for each deprivation group, assuming survival and costs remained constant at 2011/2012 levels. Cumulative lifetime costs are shown in figure 2B. Average lifetime costs for men ranged from £43 358 for the most affluent group to £50 163 for the most deprived, and the respective costs for women ranged from £48 409 to £59 255. Overall, women had 14% higher expected lifetime hospital costs than men, largely due to the increased costs associated with the reproductive years, but also due to their longer life expectancy. Despite having longer life expectancy, people living in the most affluent fifth of areas had lower lifetime hospital costs than those living in more deprived areas.” Asaria M, et al. J Epidemiol Community Health 2016;0:1–7. doi:10.1136/jech-2016-207447.

  4. Men also have more knee replacements as they are thousands of times more likely to have competed in competitive sports when younger, or even in any sport at all; ditto participation in manual labour. To see some sort of racial conspiracy in fucking knee replacements is deranged.

    As for the disparity in life expectancy between black and white males, one way to reduce that is for young black males to stop shooting each other by the thousands. Blame white men! Because white men are to blame!

  5. Second, Sykes said, “we need more non-white doctors in actual hospitals

    Are the non-white doctors currently in pretend hospitals? Treating dummies? How frustrating!

  6. Rob – She means as opposed to TV hospitals. American telly would have you believe there are loads of brilliant African American surgeons, scientists and police chiefs, but reality is often* disappointingly raciss.

    And by “non-white” she means black. Indian and Oriental doctors are honourary honkies for the purposes of this particular racial grievance narrative. (Also, race-shaming doesn’t work on Indians or Orientals)

    *Tho not always, Wanda Sykes’ dad made it to colonel in the US Army, so presumably was/is a highly competent chap

  7. You have to say the medical Patriarchy is doing a pretty crappy job when, despite all their malign efforts, female life expectancy is considerably longer than male.

  8. The National Cancer Institute spends double the amount on breast cancer research as it does on prostate cancer.

  9. Being, of course, utterly selfish, I naturally wish the doctors who tend to MY ills to be the best possible. I don’t care if they’re black, purple, green, blue or yellow. They can even be—-shock——horror—–white.

  10. Bloke on M4: “The National Cancer Institute spends double the amount on breast cancer research as it does on prostate cancer.”

    That’s simple logic.

    People with breasts have two, people with prostates have one.

  11. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Last night, I watched on one of my satellite channels a programme called Transworld Sport.

    It was mostly about Jamie Murray, who to my knowledge is not trans.

    i’m going to write to Ofcom about this blatant perpetuation of the Cis-patriarchal Tyranny.

  12. Last night, I watched on one of my satellite channels a programme called Transworld Sport.

    Yes, I switched on expecting to see some massive bloke in a short skirt demolishing women on the sports field, while breathless woke commentators insisting how marvellous it all was, but all I got was some Scotsman playing tennis.

  13. CJNerd: “People with breasts have two, people with prostates have one.”

    Yeah.. but whereas, by the age that stuff becomes relevant, the latter has inflated to the size the former would have been proud of in their teens… even if they padded their bras…

    And prostate problems *used* to be “insignificant”. After all, most of us, except the Unlucky Ones, punched the final ticket well before our prostate became a problem enough to worry about.
    Whereas breast cancer problems can start several decades earlier. And do, in bulk.
    I know where I’d have put my research grants back then….

  14. The reason why the doctors study male bodies is that aren’t enough female volunteers. Whose fault is that?
    Oh, of course – it is the fault of the males who volunteer instead of demanding a pay rate that would attract female volunteers.

  15. The actual reason is that most gross anatomy research was done and dusted in the Victorian era, when european standards of prudery were rather closer to those of our cultural enrichers than to modern Europeans.

  16. @ BiG
    A lot of nineteenth century anatomy research was done on corpses.
    I believe that a majority of all medical research has been done in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

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