Just how unusual is this?

Zahia Dehar: from teenage escort to the summer star of French cinema

Hmm, that path from lady of negotiable virtue to actress is just such a rarely taken one, isn’t it?

Today, the 27-year-old model, lingerie designer and muse to the late couturier Karl Lagerfeld is celebrating her first film role and has found herself compared to a young Brigitte Bardot.

In Une Fille Facile (An Easy Girl), released in France on Wednesday, Dehar plays the liberated Sofia, who sleeps with rich men who buy her gifts; it is set in a steamy summer in the south of France, featuring sun, sea, sand and sex, with luxury yachts and jewels thrown in. One reviewer said the film had a “classically Gallic nonchalance when it comes to sex”.

I thought it was novels where you’re supposed to do what you already know about?

16 thoughts on “Just how unusual is this?”

  1. Is it me, or is her face kinda wrong? Not sure I’d be buying her expensive gifts if I was a rich man.

  2. Yes, her face is “kinda wrong”. Being an ancient geezer, I’m finding this more and more frequently.

    I can only cope with a certain number of strains in the ancestry. Once you get over a dozen in the immediate family it seems to cause a certain confusion which makes the subject look strangely unhuman and not readily recognisable. With a nod to my animal ancestry I suppose I’m reacting in the same way that a horse would to the offspring of a donkey and a zebra.

  3. You don’t look at the mantelpiece when you are stoking the fire

    A perfectly reasonable PoV. In which case a £50 back-street prossie is better value than a £1,000 ‘escort’.

  4. She has the fresh face of a 47 year old wife of a double glazing company director from Billericay.

    has found herself compared to a young Brigitte Bardot.

    Compared to a young Brigitte Bardot, she looks like the kind of thing that tried to claw your face off in DOOM.

  5. “By the time she was 16, uninterested in boys her own age, she made a decision, she says, to sleep with older men for money.”

    This sentence would have you believe that “for money” naturally follows from merely not being interested in boys her own age.
    The piece makes much of double standards but I somehow can’t see the Guardian being so nonchalant if it was a young white male charging older Algerian women.

  6. A bit tricky to tell. really. The version of beauty to look good in stills is different to that applies to film. A girl who looks good in one medium may look average in another. And both are different to what looks good in real life.
    @Grist. Know exactly what you mean. I have a Colombian friend who’s a product of mixed ancestry. A large potion is Indio, with the rest being what you’d expect from largely mixed race S.America. Lot of Spanish, maybe some African. She looks a bit like someone’s assembled a human being from the specs without having actually seen one. Her mouth’s very wide & seems to have fat too many teeth, all the same size. Seeing her yawn, you wonder the top of her head doesn’t fall off. Her body, although completely surgically unaltered, is what the clinics try to achieve. Women just don’t normally have tits & an arse like that. And she comes with a built in tan & almost total lack of body hair. She’s certainly a stunner but she doesn’t look real.

  7. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    I saw an interview with Dirk Bogarde on telly, where he was really laying in to Marilyn Monroe : her bad skin, being chubby etc etc but he said, the camera loved her and she only needed a bit of work to turn her into Marilyn.

  8. @BoM4

    Yep. Nose too large and strange eyes.


    “which makes the subject look strangely unhuman”


  9. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    A perfectly reasonable PoV. In which case a £50 back-street prossie is better value than a £1,000 ‘escort’.

    And what price a ‘muse’?

  10. Allthegoodetc–That POV was once told to me by a Scotsman of my acquaintance– a long while ago . I didn’t believe it then nor now. What if she stinks to boot–as some French women I have met certainly have–do you nip in the kitchen looking for a clothes peg?

    As for her face I agree with the general consensus–she looks odd. The top photo on the Gladrag spread (forgive the pun) gives her a very slight ingenue air but she is no Bardot. The middle photo shows her to be older-looking then her 27 years with the proverbial “1000 cock stare”–which set of circs might explain her looking older than her years. 4 out of 10 at best–more like 3.

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