Make ’em easy to round up I suppose

Extinction Rebellion founder urges mass ingestion of drugs in protest at criminalisation

15 thoughts on “Make ’em easy to round up I suppose”

  1. I believe this already happens at counter cultural events such as ‘Glasto’ and ‘the weekend’.

    BiG – I don’t think coke is a psychedelic.

    Homegrown weed and mushrooms would be the green choice. Although I understand that in the cause of raising awareness, inconsistencies about carbon footprint don’t matter.

  2. “I would support a mass civil disobedience where we take medicine to tell the state that they have absolutely no right to control our consciousness and to define our spiritual practice,”

    I’d hazard a guess that this is one of the few, if only, instances where she doesn’t want the State to have control over people.

    Anyway, “in protest at criminalisation” raised my hopes – but alas, it was drugs that was criminalised.

  3. And if he tries to control MY consciousness by lying in the road, I can run him over for disrespecting my rights, right?

  4. Quote:
    She travelled to Costa Rica to have the “mystical experience” taking psychedelic substances used by South American tribes including Iboga, a type of tree bark, Kambo, a frog medicine, and Ayahuasca, psychedelic tea made from a vine.

    “There was a moment during my Iboga experience where I lay down and a voice that felt very external to me said: ‘Gail, you create your own reality.’ It spoke three times. It sounds so simple but right there and then I thought ‘OK then, I’ll be happy.’

    “That was the essence of my entire experience, after which I could literally feel my brain being rewired. When I got home I ended a marriage and separated my family [she has two sons]. It was a huge decision, but it was the right thing to do and I am a stronger and happier person now.” Ms Bradbrook, a mother of two who lives with another XR co-founder Simon Bramwell in Stroud, said the psychedelic medicines were “opportunities to help us shift our consciousness.”
    End quote.

    If her brain is so liberated then why is is she talking in the most cliched possible way about drugs? This is literally lifted straight out of thousand novels and films..

  5. If encouraging mass ingestion of drugs publicly then makes it so much easier to jail the person when people are ill or die as a result of following instruction.

  6. I wonder if we could pay Jamaican ganstas to take them all to Jamaica as slaves?

    Collar the lot while they are drugged up. When they wake up they are chained up slaves working on a drug-growing plantation in Old Jamaici–with brutal black owners and black overseers.

    That way we get cash in exchange for being rid of the marxist eco-freak scum while they get the connection with drugs, slavery and punishment for (non-existent) white guilt that they want. Win-win I’d say.

  7. @Mark

    Can “we”? Yes, plod has large stashes of drugs.

    Will “we”? No

    Should “we”? Yes

    @Mr Ecks August 21, 2019 at 12:44 pm

    Pay them to take as slaves?

    Ideally sell, but illegal

    Give them via a DfID 1 way ticket

    DfID at XR protest: “Who wants to work in Argentina, Brazil, Congo, Pakistan, Zimbabwe…?”

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