Nice line

That brings us to the final problem with degrowth, which is that it is actually surprisingly difficult to avoid committing GDP.

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  1. In a way no one quite envisaged at the time, the fruits of yesterday’s economic growth transformed gender relations across the developed world.

    Imagine thinking this has been a Good Thing though. I suspect part of the phenomenal appeal of MAD MEN was watching an earlier generation of adults who were comfortable being sexy sexists.

    Equality is a huge turn off, which is why women rarely consume romance/porn novels about respectful, consensual sex with Ed Milliband.

    As an incorrigible reactionary I’m starting to suspect Stig of the Dump had the right idea. Guy was probably drowning in Cro Magnon vag.

  2. Off topic but yet another example of Spud’s lack of tax knowledge is on display on his blog.

    He’s desperately trying to spin the fall in non-doms and the subsequent £2bn fall in tax paid by them over the lst couple of years.

    His theory? The super rich are simply renouncing their non-Dom status and cheerfully paying tax as UK domiciled. That’s absurd. But he doesn’t even know the rules.

    “it costs to be a non-Dom” –

    Only after you’ve been here 7 years potato Head.

    But why does he think the super rich are not leaving and renouncing their non-Dom status?


    “Accounting on a remittance basis is a hassle.”

    No it isn’t. It’s very simple. Leave off-shore income off-shore. And of course, even if it was a hassle, the super-rich can afford people who know what they are doing to sort it out.

    Clutching at straws, Potato Head, clutching at straws.

    Likely one of the actual reasons for the real departure of the super rich is the new ‘deemed domicile’ rules. Trouble for Spud is, they came in in 2017 and Spud hasn’t updated his tax knowledge for at least 20 years.

  3. Stig of the dump is racist as fuck against cavemen. Even though he lived in a literal dump how dare some white cis male call his home a dump!!! And what about the kid who helps him sort it out?? Fucking cultural imperialism! Some white kid thinks he can improve the life of someone living in trash. Disgusting. The kid even tries to copy him sometimes… cultural appropriation!!! Ban the book and burn all copies.

  4. “Accounting on a remittance basis is a hassle.”

    If only they possessed money to pay other people to deal with the ‘hassle’.

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