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It was the bestseller that brilliantly critiqued the political power of the ‘superbrands’ and shot Naomi Klein to fame. Two decades on, we ask her, how does it stand up in our world of tech giants and personal brands?

Well, it made Naomi Klein a brand, didn’t it?

24 thoughts on “No Logo”

  1. Well, the full title of the book was “No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies”

    So I wonder what the lovely Naomi thinks of multi-billion-dollar brands such as Gillette trying to bully its customers with agitprop about “toxic masculinity”, or Intel giving hundreds of millions to far-left organisations that try to stop heterosexual men enjoying videogames, or Nike announcing the American flag is raciss, or massive global corporations working to overturn democratic decisions on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Back in the 90’s, anti-globalisation sentiment was strong on the Left. But the Hyperglobomegacorps learned that if you toss out a few #woke adverts and stick a rainbow flag on your Twitter, progressives roll over and let their tummies be tickled.

  2. Why are we discussing this rubbish while we could still be expressing our scepticism on The Curious Incident of the Epstein in the Night-Time?

  3. Dennis, Thinker of Profundities

    Why are we discussing this rubbish while we could still be expressing our scepticism on The Curious Incident of the Epstein in the Night-Time?

    There is no event that cannot be better explained by gross incompetence than elaborate conspiracy.

    Epstein was in the hands of a managerial class so completely clueless that the emergence of Donald Trump still baffles them. The idea that a super-secret, super-efficient group of hired killers got to Epstein – at the orders of various politicians and power-brokers (from the Clintons on down) is ludicrous. These are the sort of people who couldn’t run at taco stand without fucking it up… The sort of people you wouldn’t give a sharp pair of scissors for fear they’d maim themselves.

  4. Dennis, He of Many Names

    Example (from The Independent):

    Police in South Wales have warned members of the public who made fun of a convicted drug dealer’s haircut they could be prosecuted for their remarks.

    Does anyone really think the managers who run the police force in question, or the politicians who supervise the managers of said police force, could quickly plan and execute (to perfection) the murder of a high profile and well connected inmate.


    I doubt that bunch in South Wales could cut a steak without a self-inflicted injury. These people are morons, and they’re exactly the type who were running and supervising the jail Epstein was in.

  5. Dennis, Seeker of Knowledge

    Is Naomi Klein handbags or underpants?

    If you mean clean underpants, probably not underpants.

  6. @ Dennis “ToP” (clever name)
    The naming of the two branches of “Socialism” as “Bolsheviks” and “Mensheviks” is an example of an event due to conspiracy, as are the murders of Gaius J Caesar and Archduke Ferdinand.
    MOST events are better explained by incompetence than conspiracy

  7. Re: Epstein

    It now appears his cell mate was moved and the replacement cell mate was “erroneously sent to the wrong prison” and the guards who were meant to check Epstein every 30 minutes “forgot to” hour after hour.

  8. Yet another “bestseller” that I’d never even heard of, let alone clapped eyes on.

    Almost as if it’s all marketing, not substance.

  9. Dennis – Yarp. Imagine thinking the sort of people who lied about Iraqi WMD, bragged that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was “worth” it, and brought mayhem and murder to Libya for no good reason at all – chortling on camera about Gaddafi being sodomised to death with a knife – might kill a single inconvenient paedophile who was completely at the mercy of the State.

    That’s just a wacky conspiracy theory, like the time the Obama administration funnelled guns to Mexican drug cartels, Watergate, or the feds working with the incumbent government to spy on a rival political campaign.

  10. Dennis the Stealthy

    Fox and the NY Post are reporting Epstein was taken off suicide watch at the request of his own attorneys.

    So someone got to them.

    Steve, can you get on that for us?

  11. Given our current predicament, Mr Feet, I think our subjugation by MI9 is of more immediate concern.

    IIRC correctly, they go up to 12 or 13.

    There used to be a fascinating amateur museum dedicated to the MIs.

    I can’t recall where in the East Midlands. Someone killed me.

  12. Dennis, Ecks is the the snake to my mongoose… or the mongoose to my snake?

    Either way, it’s bad. (I don’t know animals.)

  13. Dennis, Wog Master

    Lud –

    What’s with the feet? You mention it often and seem to think it’s clever, but I’m not getting it. Is it some sort of secret wog in-joke that septics aren’t supposed to understand?

  14. Steve, it’s not the evil, it’s the competence. Everything you mention is clodhopping in plain day but just lying about it – nothing you mention suggests people or institutions capable of stealth, efficiency and total and lasting secrecy. We’ll see, though. Early days.

  15. Napsjam – “Everything you mention is clodhopping in plain day”

    True (I’m not Fox Mulder so dunno what secret squirrel stuff they’ve pulled off without publicity) but I think it demonstrates enough sociopathy to make bumping off an inconvenient pedo plausible.

    Conspiracy theories have a bad name (probably because of a conspiracy against them) but – particularly in zero-sum games – human beings default to conspiratorial behaviour – everything from the selection of the current prime minister to the the establishment of the European Union involved various conspiracies and sub-conspiracies.

    Cos it’s just clandestine collaboration, innit?

    Anyway, I assume the State is capable of secret skullfuckery because I make the assumption the various three letter agencies aren’t completely 100% useless.

    If Epstein was a character in a Poirot story the Belgian detective would have to hire a conference hall to accommodate everyone who had motive.

  16. @Steve August 12, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    You omitted Obama & Hellary creating equipping & arming ISIS; also Hellary & “What does it matter” Benghazi

    There’s also Salisbury & Steele…

    Cook and Kelly

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