Not really going to work is it?

Extinction Rebellion protesters block street in central Manchester.

Everyone knows – well, everyone should know – that if it happens north of the Marylebone Road then no one gives a shit.

21 thoughts on “Not really going to work is it?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    For the left extinction rebellion, climate change, Brexit, antifa and all their other “causes” are excuses not reasons. They really don’t care how they cease power and what damage they do in the process, the end always justifies the means.

    Those causes are excellent in their eyes because they suck in the hard of thinking middle classes who have always been their useful idiots.

  2. Have we got some empty H Blocks we could indefinitely detain these scum in, preferably still decorated in Bobby Sands brown?

  3. The council closed the road without any request to have it done by ER. The council were just scared. There was no permission from the police either. If the protest had been by any other group other than Greenies or Lefties the council and police would have done their best to stop the protest. Greenies and Lefties get away with it because of their threats of violence and their failure to follow the law.

  4. @SBML: and because the police are cowards who prefer to go in hard on middle class countryside alliance protesters, but piss their size 48 trousers as soon as the opponent is a member of a protected class.

  5. Try a one person demonstration on the pavement with a sign saying “There is no climate emergency” and see how much the filth facilitate your protest.

  6. You do see a remarkable difference in police tactics, depending on who’s protesting. There’s some video of the “Get Tommy Out” demo in Central London. With the Robinson supporters, it’s police in helmets & riot shields, batons out. Backed up by mounteds & the horses in riot armour. Full para-military. The demo, itself, seems to be a lot of white guys standing about. Not challenging the police line or throwing stuff. The left’s counter demonstration is a line of police in hi-viz jackets struggling contain a crush of protesters trying to force the line.
    OK, no doubt the video itself is telling the story from one side. But if there’d been full on aggression by the “right”, you can bet your TV screens & papers would have been full of it. Were they?

  7. MC
    There were a bunch of dirty hippies blocking one of the main intersections near Leeds station a month or two ago – part of the Extinction Rebellion protests.
    I walked over to talk to them during my lunch break. They all said the police had been brilliant, most of them coming in to work on their days off. I had to point out that they weren’t volunteering, and that they must find collecting overtime pay for standing about like useless twats preferable to doing any real work.

  8. The original Aldermaston pro-USSR march – oops, anti-nuclear weapons march – departed from London to arrive at Aldermaston. The organisers (KGB?) soon realised that if it’s publicity you are after it’s essential to leave Hicksville and arrive in London. And lo it was so.

  9. @Steve: as someone commented on my post this morning about a police ‘rural crime team’ leading a raid on a middle aged white woman with some unauthorised taxidermy, how come they don’t seem too happy to raid traveller encampments with living (and suffering) animals?

  10. @SBML: oh, yes! Check out the story on the man who put up a photo of some Muslim footballer with a suicide vest on during a spat with some rival team supporters.

    Straight round, charged, in court and the judge telling him he was lucky not to go to (overcrowded) prison. For a doctored photo on Twitter! He only had 13 followers!


  11. “Greenies and Lefties get away with it because of their threats of violence and their failure to follow the law.”

    Same as the old Bolschewics…
    At least they got that one right.. If you’re going for a “revolution”, you *start* with paying no attention to what the current Establishment wishes..

  12. Greater Manchester police said their aim was to “facilitate the protest’

    Ordered to by Mayor Andy Burnham

    Aren’t UK police meant to uphold law, not be a Mayor’s puppet like in “Dukes of Hazard” Hicksville, USA – obstructing highway is an offence

  13. ….their aim was to “facilitate the protest.

    Of course. That’s because this protest advances the aims of the Establishment.

  14. Deansgate? Probably the only road in central Manchester they would have made more attractive!

    Only numpty stag and hen does visit the shit hole…

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