On the racism and islamophobia of the British

It was a sobering night for the Labour party (1,680 votes), which was beaten into fourth place by the Brexit party (3,331), and only just held on to its deposit. Ukip (242) came last behind the Monster Raving Loony party (334).

Just damn well leave beats antisemitism and allying with the boot boys is beaten by the actual loonies.

Turns out we’re not all that racist, doesn’t it?

Oh, and TBP vote is larger than Tories losing margin – Boris is going to need either a deal or Brexit.

21 thoughts on “On the racism and islamophobia of the British”

  1. So, 50.8% of the votes went to pro Brexit parties and that means Brexit must be stopped?

    Honk Honk…..

  2. I think BoJo already realises that Brexit has to happen if the Conservative party is to survive. The Brecon result will give him more ammunition to convince wavering Wet Tory MP’s that their continued presence at the trough depends on supporting him until 31 Oct. The Loony Tory Remainers are hopeless cases, but it appears that some 40-odd Labour MP’s will support Brexit in defiance of the Party ‘leadership’ in accordance with the wishes of their constituents. Interesting times.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Jonathan: So, 50.8% of the votes went to pro Brexit parties and that means Brexit must be stopped?

    That’s not how it works nowadays.

    Turnout was 59.7% so 70% of the electorate oppose leaving the EU.

  4. Jane Dodds beats outgoing Tory member Chris Davies, and says her first act will be to tell prime minister to rule out no-deal Brexit

    Bloody Hell, it’s like the fucking Daleks with these people. Can’t they get some new catchphrases other than RULLLE. OUT. A. NO-DEAL. BREXIIIIT!

  5. The byelection in mid-Wales was called following the ousting from parliament of the Tory MP Chris Davies after he was found guilty of submitting a false expenses claim. Despite the scandal, Davies was chosen to stand again.

    WTF? These people are mad. Was this just churlishness, or did they actually believe a corrupt MP with an actual criminal conviction for expenses fraud, and a sitting MP in the incumbent party in a by-election, would win?

  6. Jane Dodds beats outgoing Tory member Chris Davies, and says her first act will be to tell prime minister to rule out no-deal Brexit

    You aren’t married to him, love. You can’t tell him to do anything.

  7. What bellend in the Conservative Party decided that the MP should be the candidate? Seriously.

    Theresa May. Sums up her political nous nicely. I mean, how could the recalled MP possibly lose…

  8. “What bellend in the Conservative Party decided that the MP should be the candidate? Seriously.”

    One assumes they thought the seat was a dead gonner, so the troughing twat had better take the rap, allowing a ‘clean’ start at the next GE. Which was probably correct thinking, had May stayed in charge, the BP would have hoovered up far more votes and the Tory candidate would have maybe even come third. The fly in the ointment was Boris becoming PM – suddenly voting Tory means a real Brexit again, so the seat was in play, and as we have seen could have been won with a decent pro-Brexit candidate.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    When the Tories win an election it doesn’t give them a mandate because they didn’t get 50%+1 of all eligible voters. I suspect if that did happen they’d claim it wasn’t a big deal mouth majority.

    Yet when a Remainers or the left win an election, no matter what % of the vote they got, let alone of the vote eligible vote, they have the right to demand the rest of us bend to their will.

  10. @BiND: Oh, in Southend, a ‘Stop Brexit’ poster in a councillor’s window was put in with a brick.

    She was most aggrieved, stating: “..this is what happens when society begins to breakdown, people think they can act this way.

    “We live in a democracy…”

    The chutzpah! IT BURNS!

  11. People with personal experience of campaigning in the constituency have told me, when asked the same question,

    1. He had a big personal vote, was a local character that people liked
    2. The conviction was over expenses and a could be seen as a technical/paperwork issue with no personal gain, was a bungled attempt to claim a few hundred pounds of office expenses he was actually entitled to but wanted to split the bill between two budgets (both of which could legitimately be used for the purpose); if he had just asked his supplier to split the bill into two separate invoices rather than write out his own “invoice” then he’d have been okay, so this wasn’t seen as impugning his character. Was clearly bloody foolish though.

    Worth reading https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-47667080 to understand what he was convicted of.

  12. (For clarity, I have no issue with the guy getting convicted and don’t think it was “harsh”. Am all in favour of MPs being judged by the laws they see fit to inflict on us all…)

  13. As has been obvious since 2014 there is a substantial part of the electorate that shifts between the Tories, UKIP and the Brexit party according to which appears most likely to advance the cause of independence. It would appear that this part is growing.
    UKIP’s problem at the moment is not it’s purported alliance with boot boys, any more than its past reputation as fruitcakes and loons.That is just the usual political mudslinging. UKIP’s current problem is that both the Brexit party and the Tories offer a more credible route to independence.
    They either fold or repurpose themselves to opening the Overton window on problems other than Brexit. Indeed getting Brexit on the agenda is their main achievement to date, perhaps once independence is achieved they can force the establishment to discuss other issues that they prefer to ignore.

  14. All fraud has a ‘technical’ element, it is still fraud.

    And after a decade of politicians mostly getting away with all sorts of stuff regarding expenses, to think that an actual conviction for it would be shrugged off by the voters is mad.

  15. @JuliaM

    Yeah that’s fair, as I understand it local farmers liked him a lot. I think people tend to cut more slack to someone they feel is “one of them”.

  16. The Left is FOR democracy. Today.

    ‘Boris Johnson has suffered a major blow after the Conservatives were beaten by the Liberal Democrats in the Brecon and Radnorshire byelection.’

    One seat. Major blow. Journalism.

  17. “You aren’t married to him, love.”

    I’m not sure that carries much weight with Boris. He seems to me to be much more of a Member for the 18th Century than the Moggster is.

  18. Some people suggesting there wasn’t a new Tory candidate because they expected to lose anyway. I thought that political parties usually put up a promising but inexperienced candidate in no-hoper seats. That way the kid gets experience where it doesn’t matter.

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