Ooooh, this is good!

Record demand for help from NHS gender identity clinics has seen waiting times reach more than two years , an investigation has found.

Don’t we make them wait three years before reaching for the scalpel anyway? So, they’re getting 2/3 of the work done in advance!

8 thoughts on “Ooooh, this is good!”

  1. Whatever I say will only earn me a slap on the wrist. I’m sorry but I just don’t get this sort of shit.

  2. Good news! If a few more clinics where closed, people obsessed with their assigned gender identity would have longer to accept their lot and get over themselves.

  3. Perhaps surgeons could be shifted over from hip replacements. After all what’s not being able to walk properly without pain compared to the horror of still having the genitals you were born with.

  4. There’s pressure to reduce or get rid of the three-year pause for thought, but that will cause problems further down the line. There is a small but increasing number wanting reversals and a implicit thought of “well, if I change my mind, I can go back”. They seem oblivious that you can’t just sew your bollocks back on. Once you’ve been made a eunuch you’re always a eunuch.

  5. “I wonder what Nye Bevan would’ve thought of the NHS funding clinics to mutilate children and kill babies.”

    He’d have thought it just fine as long as they were ‘Tory vermin’. Bevan was a shit. He had a spell as a Mosleyite; later he opposed rearmament against Hitler, and then opposed conscription.

    This WKPD remark suggests that he had, at least once, acted as an agent for the Soviet Union: ”

    According to the journalist Paul Routledge, Donald Bruce, a former MP and Parliamentary Private Secretary and adviser to Bevan, had told him that Bevan’s shift on the disarmament issue was the result of discussions with the Soviet government where they advised him to push for British retention of nuclear weapons so they could possibly be used as a bargaining chip in negotiations with the United States.”

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