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That is spot on. The absurdity that is faced by almost everyone around this country is that what is recycled, and how, varies considerably from place to place. This has to end. If it’s worth recycling then doing so must be enforced and nothing less than a national framework will do. That’s what a Green New Deal requires.

A rigorous examination of what’s “worth recycling”? Bring it on.

Assuming that it will in fact be a rigorous examination of course.

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  1. If something is worth recycling, someone will recycle it without government interference. Only stuff that isn’t worth recycling needs to be subject to such stuff as green deals.

  2. Simple rule: If it’s not worth stealing, it’s not worth recycling. Leave scrap metal (old radiators, washing machines etc) out in front of the house, gone it 30 minutes. Waste paper, glass bottles, plastic- it blows in the wind…

  3. Have all councils sign up to one recycling company. That company then runs multiple sites and processes or puts in landfill as needed.

  4. Elsewhere, Murphy proposes abolishing Agricultural Property Relief….

    “I’d suggest regional land trusts to own land paid in lieu of taxes”

    The state will own the land.

    Nothing can go wrong with that.

  5. “That’s what the green new deal requires”, “because I heard it say so, from behind the curtain”.

  6. Localised decision-making bad because reasons. Centralised one-size-fits-all decision-making good because I say so! How dare you have mountains and you have flat plains, no! you will *all* do the same.

    I fully expect Sheffield to be forced to set up a Harbours Committee, and Scarborough be forced to set up a Steel Manufacturing Coordination Panel.

  7. So if he objects to different local councils doing things differently, presumably he also objects to Scotland and Wales having devolved government?

  8. We have deposits on a host of stuff and if you don’t want to bother going to the recycling centre just leave it out and someone will come by and collect it, we have people turn up early before the council truck and go through the recycling looking for items that have a deposit.
    Incentives matter as keeps being pointed out.

  9. @Charles Brecknell

    Spot on – equates to “If someone will pay for the waste it’s worth recycling; if you have to pay them to take the waste it’s not worth recycling”

    UK’s high landfill tax is a concealed subsidy to “waste recyclers”

    Seems we did it correctly until EU & Gov’t stuck their meddlesome oars in – British binmen

    Rational voters aren’t on board with the Green New Deal

  10. There are circumstances in which it can be worth recycling even if it isn’t worth stealing. Value of recycled goods = cost of raw material plus cost of delivery to UK; cost of recycling = X + cost of delivery in bulk from local tip to recycling plant < cost of delivering small quantity to recycling plant (excluding cost of filling in forms that the local authority doesn't have to do to pretend that the material was acquired honestly); if X < cost of filling in forms and differential delivery costs.
    The economics of recycling involve a lot of unpaid work by the householder to sort waste and deliver it to the tip. That became very obvious when they put up notices saying that people delivering stuff to the tip could not take away stuff that other people brought to the tip.
    Freecycle is the best way to recycle

  11. Sorry – that should read “if value of recycled goods – X < cost of delivering small quantity plus cost of filling in forms"
    Jumping to next sentence before typing the first

  12. ‘If it’s worth recycling then doing so must be enforced and nothing less than a national framework will do‘

    I wonder how many Corbinista grads from City University fancy a career checking people’s bond to see they are recycling? Maybe ‘offenders’ should be sent to a gulag?

  13. The reason we can’t put stuff in landfill, where most of it belongs, is stupid EU charges designed to ensure a ‘level playing field’ for countries such as NL where landfill doesn’t work. Another one for the list of “things to fix, once we’ve left”.

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