Perhaps not, eh?

As such, it places Venezuela on par with adversaries such as Cuba, Syria, Iran and North Korea, who have also come under strident US measures.

Stringent, meaning strict, rather than strident, meaning shouty, perhaps?

5 thoughts on “Perhaps not, eh?”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    It’s the guardian that’s strident about the measures being applied to countries it likes.

  2. Several times lately I’ve seen American writers use “exasperated” instead of “exacerbated”. If only they’d used “made worse” or “shrunk” or whaddevah.

  3. The Grauniad thinks everything Trump says or does is strident – sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong

  4. Absolutely spot on, Tim. Reminds me of the time the blessed Jimmy Carter, of no repute at all, said, “The government of Iran must realize that it cannot flaunt, with impunity…”

    He meant flout.

    I’m wondering if there’s a case for you postulating another Worstall’s law:

    As media companies grow more innumerate they correspondingly become more illiterate.

    Actually, you could scratch the “media” there and just make it “Worstall’s Correlation Law of Company Innumeracy-Illiteracy”. It doesn’t just happen in the media, after all. And I’m wondering if you could work in the leftward drift angle somewhere.

    One for when you’re wearing your ASI hat, perhaps.

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