Met Office issues yellow ‘be aware’ warnings for wind and rain across Wales

They’re warning us about rain now. In Wales?

13 thoughts on “Redundancy”

  1. They warn about everything nowadays. If its anything above a light breeze and a quick shower then they are plastering ‘Severe Weather’ warnings all over the place. I think its a combination of ubiquitous two 21st century issues – legal liability and ‘Climate Change’. If they warn everyone about Severe Weather on the way and it doesn’t happen, no one will sue them, but if the other way around leaves them open to someone lawyering up. And of course the more they can try and convince people that we are experiencing ‘The Most Extreme Climate Change Evahh!!!!’ the better it is for the Eco-nutter religion.

  2. Edinburgh Festival:

    Yesterday from ~16:00 to after midnight: thunder, lighting, rain (torrential at times)

    Not much fun for performers & spectators at Military Tattoo

  3. @ Pcar
    BBC has a video of a cyclist in Edinburgh cycling through a puddle 30-odd yards long and several feet deep past at least four cars that are stuck because water has flooded their engines.

  4. I am in Edinburgh at the moment. Yes there was a thunderstorm last night but it was nothing exceptional. This place is very hilly, so it wouldn’t be hard to find a dip that was flooded after a perfectly ordinary torrential downpour.

  5. @Stonyground

    “This place [Edinburgh] is very hilly” – almost an understatement. You’re walking along at ground level, come to a gap between buildings and look up &/or down at other street(s): George IV Bridge is good – two libraries, shops, churches, pubs etc built above other streets with shops, churches etc..

    Enjoying your festival visit? Any shows you’d recommend?

  6. @john77
    Curious to know your view. What that cyclist did pedalling through a short-term warm lake looks crazy to non-cyclists, but to cyclists would it be regarded as unremarkable. In other words, would most of the hi-viz pedal pushers on a mission to get to the office have done the same?

  7. @ Bongo
    I refrained from saying that I had run through a deeper ford (it wasn’t usually that deep but it had rained the previous night). The cyclist was not crazy because he could have pushed his bike through if necessary.
    Would most of the hi-viz pedal-pushers have done the same? Dunno – but most of them *could* have done so if they believed in themselves and weren’t worried about getting wet.

  8. I remember the lovely vignette during the west country floods a couple of years back (that turned out to be because of government policy not Climate change.) As the Sky News helicopter hovered excitedly show us water (probably fresh from following Pritti Patel’s car gleefully all the way from Heathrow before she was sacked) they then zoomed in onto a suitably miserable looking family of ‘victims being evacuated from their homes’ before the camera panned back to show them being pulled along by plod wearing wellies and the water barely ankle deep.

  9. So far we have seen:
    Hangnail; Canary and the Crow; Beach body ready; The gospel according to Jefferson, Dickens & Tolstoy; Showstopper; Sensemaker; Forbidden Fruit; Mitch Ben.

    All of them were great but in different ways. The Sensemaker was one that I was given a leaflet for and persuaded my wife that it looked interesting so we went to see it. It was a really good and clever one woman show. The only problem being that about three quarters of the way through she took all of her clothes off. So I’m left telling my wife that I absolutely did not know that was going to happen. Going back to the flyer, I see some small print that says that it contains “Strong language, nudity”.

  10. Yesterday from ~16:00 to after midnight: thunder, lighting, rain (torrential at times)

    “Where shall we three meet again?”

    As for cycling through large puddles, not particularly recommended – you can’t see the potholes.

  11. .. and as bikes don’t seem to have mudguards, there is only a small critical depth before you get a wet arse …

  12. In teens I rode through floods (slowly) cars were stuck in on KE175D – I knew air intake height. Wet feet & legs, but arrived home at normal time. I’ve done same on big ZZR (hole below headlight, 2’9″ flood not a problem) despite plod trying to stop me.

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