The problem with this is?

John Bolton doesn’t do free trade. He does regime change in countries such as North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.

8 thoughts on “The problem with this is?”

  1. The problem is that he hasn’t succeeded in any of those.
    Simon Tisdall also says that a free and fair election of the leader of the Conservative Party “would be described as a right-wing coup in any other country”.
    So now we know what the Guardian means when it says “right-wing coup” – it is an election won by someone it doesn’t like.

  2. John Bolton doesn’t want a trade deal with the UK – he wants to colonise us

    And that’s Pakistan’s job, bigots.

  3. Bolton is a moustachio’d fool. If we have to have an enemy –then a prize twerp like The White Moustache would be the best kind to have.

    That said–the idea that a trade deal=a US takeover –like the idea that US bidding on NHS contracts= NHS takeover–is a new low point in stupid and deceitful remainiac cockrot. It has gone beyond funny, it is now just sad to think that this nation has produced pigshit so thick as to believe such nonsense. Nonsense on stilts high enough to poke the Man in the Moon in the eye–just like that there George Smelly film.

    Lord give all decent people strength to withstand the nose-blasting stench of remainiac stupidity and treasonous evil.

  4. Can’t help being amused at all those in the US crying about Russian interference are now happily saying they will punish U.K. over a trade deal if we don’t accept the backstop

  5. BniC – it’s for domestic consumption only.

    The Dems need to signal #ResistDRUMPF to their increasingly unhinged base, but their corporate donors would never dream of allowing them to turn down a free trade deal

    They don’t actually give a leprechaun’s fart about Ireland, and most of them think Ireland is something from Game of Thrones anyway

  6. The problem is that he likes to send people like me to do the heavy-lifting, hasn’t actually succeeded in bringing about a regime that is better than the last one we crushed, and impoverishes us and others by blocking who we can freely trade with.

  7. “now happily saying they will punish U.K. over a trade deal if we don’t accept the backstop”

    99% of Americans don’t even know what “backstop” means.

  8. @ Gamecock
    99% of those in the EU don’t either.
    [Several % of those in the UK do, but we are vastly outnumbered]

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