Three assertions

So let’s consider the facts:

1. Market economies did better than statist economies before the Great Recession.

2. Market economies did better than statist economies during the Great Recession.

3. Market economies did better than statist economies after the Great recession.

10 thoughts on “Three assertions”

  1. Dennis The Erudite 'n' Insightful

    In the final analysis, none of that actually matters to the statist, Timmy.

    What matters is the state, not the economy.

  2. Also asserted was that the US (bullies!) is losing the trade war and Trump is backing off (miserable dog!).

    First time I’ve seen that China isn’t getting a kicking.

  3. But remember, the statist economies weren’t statist enough. Indeed they weren’t really statist economies at all.

    And oil, Trump, evil America, evil Space monkeys.

    And it’ll be different next time.

  4. @PJF

    First time I’ve seen that China isn’t getting a kicking.


    US China Trade War Explained – Who Needs Who

    Point 5 @9m – first time I’d heard of that, is he correct

  5. Or take the oft cited Lynn and Verhanen study from early this century.
    The prosperity of a nation is most strongly correlated with
    1. Average IQ
    2. A market economy, extent of
    3. Natural resources, access to
    Size of state, line of latitude, democracy, many others, didn’t penetrate the top of their ranking. What should be terrifying ( to leftists ) is that 1 was way ahead of 2, and 2 was way ahead of 3, which was just ahead of a clutch of other factors.

    But let’s rejoice over this: the two greatest quarters in UK economic history are the last two. The fact they are in reverse order has some people scared. Like Brexit derangement, recession derangement will smoke the scaredy cats out.

  6. I was slightly worried to hear on the evening news that 55% gets you an A in this year’s Maths A levels. How the hell does a potential employer/whatever determine who the best 15% are any more when a top grade merely tells you you’re above average.

  7. It’s a well known fact that between 1997 and 2010 every year’s O and A level students were 1-3% more intelligent than than the previous year.

    This was because they worked harder and had great teachers.

    Like, cause no-one worked hard or had great teachers back in the 70s and early 80s when I took my O and A levels.

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