To steal a simile. Or is it a metaphor?

Economics Is the Honey Badger

Yep, Honey Badger don’t care.

What happens when you fight economics? Economics pushes back. It cares nothing for your visions, speeches, songs, hats, and rallies; indeed, not even the world’s biggest guns and armies can stop the forces of supply and demand.

9 thoughts on “To steal a simile. Or is it a metaphor?”

  1. Having made the point that HB don’t care, the author then rambles on about how horrible it is that Trump has pissed off sundry nations and that we may never recover from this.

    Inconsistent, one might think….

  2. “That’s what wealth really means. It is the material path toward living a better life. That’s the most we can hope for in this world. The point of economics is to explain how we get there.

    The crucial word turns the entire article into drivel. Economics explains how you got wealth. Or didn’t, as the case may be. It is utterly incapable of predicting how to gain wealth. As it’s long record of failure to do so goes impressively before it.

  3. Bloke In Westerville

    Nobody tell Richard Murphy… It will put him off that second gallon of ice cream he’s huffing.

  4. ‘The two largest gangs in world politics today – the left and the right’

    I can’t take him seriously: equivalancing the Right to the Left is just false.

    ‘The right has been just as dismissive of economics.’


    ‘They say that economics must defer to national greatness and to a people’s higher spiritual ambition. There’s no point to wealth unless it feeds a sense of national purpose, a society of cohesion led by a great man whose drive and ambition grants our lives meaning.’

    ‘They?’ Who is ‘they?’ I’ve never heard any of this junk. It is a strawman you are trying to pin on the right.

  5. @Gamecock August 17, 2019 at 8:20 pm

    MSM labels the Conservative Party as “the right”

    Thus “The right has been just as dismissive of economics” is correct

    See Osborn & Hammond’s continuity Blair & Brown tax and spend.


    Or POTUS Trump is, as promised, Making America Great Again whilst working for free rather than fleecing taxpayers.

    I’m hoping PM Johnson’s similar positivity and optimism can do same for UK

    Continuity Project Fear

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