Umm, no, not really

Greta Thunberg arrived in New York on Wednesday, stepping on to dry land after crossing the Atlantic in a zero-carbon yacht with a passionate message to tackle global heating.

Crowds had gathered to welcome her for hours beforehand, ready to welcome Thunberg’s arrival on the unconventional solar-powered craft.

Pretty sure the propulsion is wind powered. Which is how we’d normally refer to it, the propulsion, not whatever feeds the navigation lights.

No, no, of course this is all just one brave teenager taking a stand:

Her vessel had been welcomed by a flotilla of 17 sailing boats, each with one of the 17 sustainable development goals written on their sails.

My arse.

21 thoughts on “Umm, no, not really”

  1. Oh we sail the good ship Greta
    She’s not a keen jet setter
    The bucket for poo, is plastic and blue
    And the whole crew’s getting wetter

  2. So ‘global heating’ is catching on.

    As global mean temperature is measurable – theoretically – it is a big upgrade to the nebulous, unmeasurable, useless-but-for-politics “climate change.”

    But as GMT doesn’t play their game, they’ll be back to “climate change” pretty soon.

  3. I wonder how many hours per day they ran the engine in order to power the batteries, heat water, etc?

    And let’s not get into the carbon footprint of how the boat was built and how it is maintained

  4. ….and, as pointed out elsewhere, the crew that brought the boat over will fly home and a replacement crew will be flown out. 11 single flights instead of 1 (I don’t think how she’s getting back has been worked out yet). Add on all the press and sight seeing travel, the carbon footprint of this stunt is huge.

    They want the rest of us not to fly or travel by belching cruise ship so in the future transatlantic trips will only be for the privilidged and connected, like Greta, who can arrange for the Grimaldi dynasty to send them over on their yacht.

  5. This mentally disturbed teenager can “literally” see CO2. A career in an MOT testing station seems most appropriate.
    The creeps who are weaponising her should be coated in hot plastic and dumped down a crevasse.

  6. This mentally disturbed teenager can “literally” see CO2.

    Probably those little floaters you see when you half close your eyes.

    As for Greta herself, she’s just a teenage kid with all that implies. The fact that she is more vulnerable because of her Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and associated developmental conditions (not least of which MAY be Asperger’s), someone needs to be asking serious questions about how this teenagers poor parenting decisions has led to this situation, where a young girl is being used as a sock puppet by the Warble Gloaming brigade.

    Nobody will, of course, because she is marching to the lefty tunes, not the Horst Wessel Song.

  7. “I wonder how many hours per day they ran the engine in order to power the batteries, heat water, etc?”

    I read that the engine controls were sealed before they left, which is why they had to be ferried out to the yacht by electric powered RIB’s when they departed Blighty…

  8. She sees things in black and white. Like dogs, then. A career as a dog walker can be lucrative if you’re in the right place, like Manhattan.
    Though come to think of it, dogs see in shades of grey.

  9. John Galt
    Not sure about the FAS.
    Could be lead poisoning?
    When did Sweden ban lead in petrol, paint, etc?
    I’m not sure about epigenetic effects but could bypass a generation, I suppose.
    Both FAS and lead are consistent with the appearance but a simpler explanation is available: She’s just a dim confused girl ruthlessly exploited by cynical adults.

  10. Tim … did you see the 5m*10m outdoor LED billboard wobbling around behind the yacht and the 5 (I counted during the live stream – sad – I watched….) press launches

    Who was “WWF Climate Hero of 2017″…. ? – you’ll never guess.

    Mamma Thunberg

    The whiff from Greta’s “support troupe” gets more putrid as each day passes.

  11. Brain and central nervous system problems

    Problems with the brain and central nervous system may include:

    Poor coordination or balance
    Intellectual disability, learning disorders and delayed development
    Poor memory
    Trouble with attention and with processing information
    Difficulty with reasoning and problem-solving
    Difficulty identifying consequences of choices
    Poor judgment skills
    Jitteriness or hyperactivity
    Rapidly changing moods

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