We know this already

Morgan-Richards said the research presented several avenues for further study – including why sex remained useful for species at all, when from an evolutionary perspective females save time and energy by reproducing alone.

Because variation is important over the longer term.

Jeez, we’ve got evolution pretty much sorted out, we don’t need to wonder and ponder on such basics any more.

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  1. A lot of females reproduce almost entirely alone these days. The children of single mothers don’t fare so well, on average.

  2. A New Zealand stick insect that migrated to the UK more than seven decades ago has given up having sex and become asexual

    Probably wears skinny jeans and a gay little manbun an’ all.

    Fucking Millennials.

  3. Exactly! I don’t need to study or find out why a drink of water is good for me (it is) or why (universal) basic income does not work (it doesn’t) – I just know these things like I know socialism doesn’t work and thus I can concentrate on other issues and problems.

  4. Off topic but more wonders from the fat potato.

    “National insurance is payable on earnings over £6,136 per annum in 2019/20”

    No it isn’t.

    £6,136 is the Lower Earnings Limit. That’s the amount at which a credit is given for a contribution year.

    The Primary Threshold for 2019-20 is £8,632. That’s the level above which you start to pay NIC. The NIC payable by someone earning £8,632 is £0.

    Spud doesn’t even know how the NIC system works and is telling us how it ought to be reformed.


  5. “A New Zealand stick insect that migrated to the UK more than seven decades ago has given up having sex and become asexual”

    Probably can’t get it up at his age. Probably sticks to the gardening and watching Countdown.

  6. @Jimmers

    I’m banned from his site (me and about 20 alias names) so I haven’t been able to.

    It would be nice to point out to him that he’s got the Lower Earning Limit and Primary Thresholds confused, which even a Tax Assistant where I worked wouldn’t get wrong and that if he’s going to comment on changing the NIC system, it might be useful if he learned how it worked. It’s a very very very basic error.

  7. Andrew

    Accuracy in technical tax is trivial when you’re involved in delivering courses in tax avoidance to quangocrats. This course in Copenhagen may interest some here and, as a bonus, the great man will be presenting.


    There’s an optional exam and diploma for those who night want extra letters after their name.

    There is no mention of course fees, but the course dinner is an eye watering 975DKK.

    There are many refs to “tools” throughout the course programme. Not clear if these mean Murphy

  8. Although some species can reproduce asexually, most only do so when no there are no males around (species of shark, crabs, etc.)

    Even the most successful asexual species, the hydra will develop gonads and reproduce sexually if conditions substantially change.

    Whilst, I’m sure communism would have worked if we were an asexual species made only of women, we are not. Maybe this is the point comrade Morgan-Richards is actually trying to get across.

  9. If humanity were only women, I’m sure the Russians would still be talking about having a revolution.

  10. @ bis
    They wouldn’t even be talking – Vlada Ilyovna would have been quietly strangled or poisoned instead of being sent to Siberia.
    It’s only men who are stupidly humanitarian to their enemies [OK some women are stupidly humanitarian to *other people’s* enemies, but that is different]

  11. @moqifen

    His blog needs flooded with comments telling him to be green and do a Greta & row/sail to Denmark {or France then cycle)

  12. Are their any species other than some insects (eg stick insects) which can reproduce without male fertilisation?

    Are the progeny all clones of the mother?

  13. @pcar – and get insulted and then blocked whilst his catamites pile in – no thanks i’d rather insult the pompous prat on here. No doubt he reads this blog. In fact Tim ought to come up with some spurious tax/global warming theory and watch the oaf regurgitate it as his original idea.

  14. Are their any species other than some insects (eg stick insects) which can reproduce without male fertilisation?

    Yes. This type of reproduction is common among single-celled organisms including bacteria, archaea, and unicellular eukaryotes, such as protists and some fungi.

    In larger multi-cellular life forms it is rarer and tends to be more of a preference than anything else (Komodo dragons, certain sharks, snails, etc.,)

    Are the progeny all clones of the mother?

    Essentially they are clones of the parent, when they are females reproducing through parthenogenesis (essentially an begins to divide without fertilisation from a male sperm), then the child will be a daughter.

    In other species (such as the hydra), they are undifferentiated in normal circumstances and only develop sexual organs in response to environmental stress, so the terms son and daughter don’t really mean much, if anything.

    Teacher: “Who first suggested asexual reproduction?”
    Pupile: *Puts hand up* “Your Wife?”

  15. @Pcar
    Some aphids do, as do thrips. Bees, ants and wasps always produce males via parthenogensis – only fertlizied eggs become females.
    Some gall wasps and aphids alternate between sexual and asexual generations, which I think is the weirdest of all.

  16. @John Galt and Anon


    Snails – aren’t they hermaphrodites and do need fertilisation from another snail.

    I found a pair having sex on patio – the noise they were making drew my attention, a sort of squeal

  17. Snails reproduce the same way almost everything else does – they mate and lay eggs. However, some snails are true hermaphrodites having both male and female sexual organs, so two snails can fertilise each-other.

    Quite “which one is the man and which the woman” I couldn’t say.

  18. @John Galt

    It was weird – a spike/antenna from “the male” penetrating “the female” body plus the squealing, so weird I googled it. Seems it’s “who can have erection first” then stab other’s body anywhere. God created some strange things.

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