What’s that about the left eating itself?

A transgender employee of the Guardian — which once called itself the “world’s leading liberal voice” — has resigned, accusing the newspaper in an email to staff of being “an incredibly transphobic organisation”.

In a cutting resignation letter sent last month, the employee said the paper “fundamentally not only stands against my own values but also against what I am”. A second trans staff member resigned weeks later, also citing the “harm” they say the newspaper is doing to trans people.

Following the leak of the email to BuzzFeed News, the trans employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said she felt complicit in the newspaper’s “transphobic” reporting by continuing to work there, and revealed the damaging effect the Guardian’s coverage of transgender people has had on her well-being. This included fear of using the women’s toilet at work.

Et tu Custodies?

21 thoughts on “What’s that about the left eating itself?”

  1. “The internal divisions over trans rights have resulted in face-to-face rows in the office.”

    And this is a surprise because…?

  2. Last week in London there was a proper tranny (as I call them) on a tube to KC from Piccadilly. Too much make-up, shaved legs with skin a bit dry due to lack of moisturiser, miniskirt. People tried not to stare except the hoardes of Chinese tourists and their small children – hilarity ensued when the tranny started to feel very uncomfortable.

    Bless the Chinamen!

  3. “She warned that the paper would lose more talent and alienate younger readers if it did not change course.”

    I don’t know what’s funnier, the idea it could lose more readers, or that it has talent!

  4. I can only imagine the levels of intersectional neurosis frothing in the offices of the Graun.

    @Julia – the Guardian has a £1bn endowment, it doesn’t need readers.

  5. As this is such a significant and burning issue for the vast majority of the population, no doubt a new trannie friendly paper would clean up in the circulation wars, so why don’t they start one up?

  6. JuliaM +1

    Seems our Brave Xir Knobbin thought xe could bravely purge The Guardian of feminists who don’t buy into the notion that bearded willy-havers can be women by virtue of clicking their size 13 hooker heels together three times:

    While she found the latter to often be the case, there remains “a group of powerful people who are transphobic” at the organisation, “who have an agenda to push”, she said.

    Truth is also transphobic:

    In June, the Guardian published another editorial about “identities in conflict”, characterising trans people and feminists as distinct oppositional groups — ignoring pro-trans feminists.

    Lezzers and feminists (but I repeat myself) are indeed in conflict with trannies, with many, many recent incidents of courageous low-effort hulking shemales physically attacking tiny elderly lesbos, getting them deplatformed, harassing them IRL and online, and enlisting the #woke police to arrest people who fall afoul of the tranny tolerance train by insulting them or refusing to wax their feminine nutsacks.

    It’s transphobic to notice this, just like it’s racist to observe who was doing what during the London riots.

    Christine Burns, one of Britain’s foremost campaigners for trans rights, and an architect of the Gender Recognition Act, told assembled staff that reporting in the UK over the last couple of years has resulted in her feeling “scared to death” for the safety of her community.

    This is typically dishonest tranny crybully tactics: attack other people while rending your fetish garments over how much of a victim you are. But it’s not the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

    What if fear (as a close relative of shame) is a legitimate, behaviour-moderating emotion that we don’t have enough of in our society?

  7. “The internal divisions over trans rights have resulted in face-to-face rows in the office.”

    The only disappointment is that as this person has now left, these will not continue.

    Still, by the Left’s own definitions, the Guardian is now “literally Hitler”.

  8. @Bravefart


    A point I often make is that the left knows how business should be run and what the people really want.

    So why don’t they set up these businesses?

  9. And following on from philip: if our anonymous trans Guardian employee (even at the Guardian, how?) managed to stay employee, how exactly did they become aware of this transphobia.

  10. Bloke In Westerville

    What’s genuinely wonderful about this is that the grievance isn’t with the way the trans employees where being treated, it was with the way the newspaper was covering trans issues. In other words, two low- to mid-level employess worked themselves into a tizzy because the paper’s coverage of trans issues wasn’t to their liking.

    So the crime here is Badthink.

    Again, wonderful.

  11. If the definition of mental illness is not “claiming The Guardian is an incredibly transphobic organisation” then it should be.

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